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Some Kinda Good with Rebekah Faulk: South & Vine Public House burned but not broken
wSVPH Family
On the night after the fire, the South and Vine staff gathered at Seni and Janettas home. Seni posted this picture on Facebook with the words, Well be back. - photo by Special
During the summer of 2013, just six months after an intriguing new restaurant popped up in downtown Statesboro on the corner of South Main and West Vine streets, I ventured inside to discover a restaurant that would become the backbone of our community and so much more. It would become my go-to place for a special night out on the town, where I would ring in the new year and where I would celebrate my birthday lunch with 15 of my coworkers. It would become the restaurant I would proudly share with out-of-town guests; it was my happy hour bar of choice — and the only place in town where I could order the Glorious Gin and Tonic with a fresh slice of lime or experience a Hunter Cattle Company hamburger, prepared with the utmost respect for the integrity of the ingredients.
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