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John Bressler - How does God teach the mysteries of life?
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John Bressler

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       When I began school - that was the time when my folks slowed the car to a crawl and tossed me out in front of a first grade teacher and drove off very quickly - I thought that my class always met in the clothes closet. I quickly found out that I couldn't see very well and sat at the front in order to read the chalkboard and although I could read, I occasionally read with some difficulty. I have a tad of aixelsyd, or is that dyslexia?
       As far as writing was concerned, I have large knuckles due to the fact that my teacher whacked my hand on a regular basis during those awful exercises where I was required to make circles, slash marks and squiggle-like lines over and over ad infinitum. May the person who invented the typewriter be praised!
       At least, when I graduated from elementary school, I was in that elite group who received their diploma from the drive through window. Ah, those memories bring tears to my eyes.
       I have the wonderful honor to teach learning styles coupled with pragmatic exercises to help students realize that most grasp the science of higher education with considerable difficulty unless they can understand and use their way of absorbing all the new and demanding information skillfully. There are quite a few students who drift off during lecture and that doesn't imply they don't care or are not qualified. Many are not blessed with math skills. Some simply have a less than prepared background and have a lot of catching up to do. I understand and I know, that with hard work and sacrifice, most can learn to compensate and deal with many learning deficiencies.
       Few can say that an education is easy. I learned to use a tape recorder, typewriter and always read with a dictionary or thesaurus by my side, and accepted the fact that mistakes happen to the best of us and practice does not make perfect but does minimize errors.
       How does God teach the mysteries of life? By the way, I have always believed that life is higher learning. I can approach life with an attitude of defiance or a possibility that must be experienced. How does God teach? Let's see: lecture and the written Word, with both punishment and reward thrown in to make a point.
       There have been some fantastic teachers in the history of this world: prophets, patriarchs as well as matriarchs, judges and priests, and a pot-full of examples to study and emulate. For me, I want the best teacher. The fact is that most of us need that one teacher who makes the light bulb come on in our brain and motivates us to excellence.
       The best I know goes by the name, Jesus Christ. He lived the life, walked the road, passed the test, made the sacrifice and taught the lesson perfectly. He is the One who can say, "I am the way, the truth, the life. Hear Me, follow Me, believe in Me, keep trying and never give up for I am with you until the end of time."
       "But, Lord, I have some learning difficulties!" I may say.
       And I can hear Him reply, "I understand. I will repeat the lesson as often as you need it. I will show you as many times as you want until you can follow in My footsteps. I will always have office hours just for you."
       You want to know something? I will stay in school. I hear the field trips are out of this world!

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