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Inside Bulloch Business with Jan Moore - Waters Transfer adds portable storage
Jan Moore
Jan Moore

      After a steady stream of requests, Hal and Adam Waters have expanded their moving and storage operation to include large portable storage containers.

      "We have received a number of calls over the last few years requesting on-site portable storage units," said Adam Waters, president of Statesboro Transfer & Storage Company. "Dad and I felt that it was time to make that move and get into portable storage. It was a natural extension of what we do."

      The Waters have purchased 30 (12'x16') water tight, aluminum containers with translucent roofs. This arm of their business is being marketed as Bestway Portable Storage, a division of Statesboro Transfer & Storage.

      Hal Waters said he considered getting into the "mini" storage business years ago, but ultimately did not.

      He believes this is a better alternative to actual mini storage.

      "Portable storage can work a couple of different ways," he said. "We can place a container by your home or business, and it can be used there indefinitely. Or, you can pack it, and we will bring it to our operation here, and store it. When you are ready to unload it, we will deliver it back to the site. Either way, we feel it is a very cost effective way to manage your storage needs and you only have to pack and unload once."

      In addition to its 32,500 square foot storage warehouse, a separate covered storage facility has been constructed to hold the portable storage units.

     "We have had to purchase different equipment just to handle these units," Adam Waters said. "Also, we have plans to purchase more units as demand grows in coming years."

      Founded in 1967 by Hal Waters, the company is affiliated with Wheaton World Wide Moving in addition to some other national van line companies, and is recognized as one of the largest providers of storage space in the southeast for deployed military personnel from the area.

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