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Inside Bulloch Business with Jan Moore - Want to try new place to eat? Go to college
Jan Moore
Jan Moore

        As mayor, I had the pleasure of riding in Monday's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade with Jamin Malone, a senior at Georgia Southern University majoring in Finance.
        Malone is slated to graduate this spring, and as he drove, we talked about his college experience and his plans for the future. One of the many topics that we discussed was the new dining facility which opened this past fall on the former site of the Landrum Dining Center. The new facility is referred to as the Dining Commons.
        Malone said the food is very good, and praised the facility and staff. Upon hearing such a glowing review, I decided to call Jeff Yawn, executive director of Eagle Dining Services, to pass along the praise.
        In conversation, Yawn said many local residents may not realize that the facility is open to the public. "To come here would be no different than going to the University Store," he said. "In fact, our entrance is only 50 feet away from the entrance to the University Store which is next to the Russell Union building."
        Yawn said finding a parking space is much easier on the weekends, and suggested that folks may really enjoy the Sunday brunch.
        "On Sunday, we serve brunch from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and everything is freshly prepared by our staff," he said. "It's everything you can imagine. I want people from our community to come eat with us as it promotes community engagement with our students. We have very strong, responsible students here at Georgia Southern, and they are delightful to visit with. They are very impressive."
        The Dining Commons is open seven days a week when school is in session for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The price varies depending on the time of day that you go from $8.50 plus tax to $13 plus tax. The price includes anything that you choose to eat or drink from the many serving stations while you are there.
        I liked what Yawn said about visiting with students, as I am appreciative of the opportunity that I had to visit with Malone. In my humble opinion, he fits Yawn's description perfectly.
        So, until next time, I bid you au revoir.
        Jan Moore is the mayor of Statesboro and former Business Editor for the Statesboro Herald. She writes on a freelance basis.

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