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Holli Deal Bragg - A country song: High heels and a tractor
Holli Bragg
Holli Deal Bragg

       David Allan Coe might have thought he wrote the perfect country and western song, but he didn't know Kacie Durden Marks when he sang about trains, Mama, prison and getting drunk.
      If he had, he would have written about high heels and tractors.
     Kacie is a true country girl. She was raised on a farm, knows the meaning of hard work and has most likely eaten her fair share of cornbread and biscuits.
      Her life was filled with family gatherings on Sunday and scrapping with her two sisters one minute and loving on them the next. As the youngest, she might have been a little spoiled, but like her sisters, she has always been sweet as pie.
       Her oldest sister Kellie was a typical girly girl, while the middle girl Karen was always more of a tomboy growing up. Kacie came along and blended right in as a good mix of the two.
      So, it's not surprising that she tried to put high heels together with a John Deere tractor.
      Kacie knows about boots and jeans and getting a little dirty from working on the farm. She also knows how to girl things up with frills and fancies - your typical country girl made up of a little bit of sugar, a little bit of spice.
      Like most modern women, Kacie is always on the go. She's a mom and a wife, a career girl and juggles a social life as well. Like all of us, sometimes she gets a little jumbled and things go wrong.
      One morning she woke up and learned she had keys in her possession she should have left elsewhere. Rushing, she jumps in the car and flies to the office to hand over said keys. It's a busy day ahead, and she has lots to do, but guess what??
      She left her purse home.
      Any woman knows you just can't survive without your purse. It has everything in it - phone numbers, money, emergency makeup, keys, emergency candy, hairbrush, Q-tips, mirror - and the list goes on. Must. Have. Purse.
      So, for Kacie, it was back in the car for the 20-mile drive home.
      "So I'm runnin' on fumes back to house and run outta gas in driveway!" she posted on her Facebook wall later that day.
      Whatever day it was that girl combined a tractor with high heels, she sure was having a Monday.
      Before despair could set in, Kacie's dad Lamar appeared - not a knight in shining armor, but a Daddy on a loud, noisy tractor. It beat walking to the house, so Kacie - who was not wearing heels at the time, hops on for a ride.
      Once home, she enjoys a cool shower that freshened her perspective. Deciding that day was a girly kind of day, she pulls a dress out of the closet.
      Kacie is a Facebook queen, so of course she tells her tale where all her friends can read: " I got dressed in my new long summer dress that I love and put on my heels and I think I'm just hot to trot," she wrote.
      Somewhere, somehow, somebody just has to write a country song and make a video with a woman in a long dress and heels riding on her daddy's tractor. Colt Ford, are you listening?
      Yes, Kacie climbed right back onto the tractor with her Daddy. The short but bumpy ride took them to the farmhouse where her parents live, and Kacie tried to gracefully dismount the diesel-burning beast, but it wasn't in the cards.
      Later, she would post this Facebook status: "Note to self: NEVER get out of your Daddy's tractor in heels! Outcome is soooooo not good!"
      Heels. Long dress. Metal grate steps with heel-size holes. Oops.
      One of her heels gets caught in the steps and whoopsie-daisy, down she goes.
      "It was a belly flop and what made it so funny is Daddy yelled Geronimooo!:" she wrote.
      It wasn't just Lamar who saw his baby girl do a dive into the dust. Her nieces were soaking in the pool and got a bird's eye view of Aunt Kacie taking a very ungraceful tumble off Grandpa's tractor.
      After he was able to breathe from laughing so hard, her daddy asked " Baby, you didn't bring a parachute?"
      High heels and tractors. Sure sounds like a country song to me - maybe Pinkard and Bowden?
      What makes Kacie a true Southern woman, however, is her ability to laugh at herself instead of getting all huffy or crying. She never said whether she broke her heel and didn't make a fuss about getting her pretty dress all dirty.
      "It was truly a hot Southern mess," she laughed.
      Kacie, you go, girl. Just don't go on the tractor.


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