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Have Christmas year-round
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    Except for the 12 days of Christmas, the season is over and we can’t wait for Spring, short sleeves and Bermudas and Easter. It is now time to un-decorate the house and sweep up the wrappings, broken lights and leftovers. It is now time to find the boxes marked “Xmas” (It’s okay because it is a Greek acronym) so we can pack up all the decorations for another year. It is my job to pack, sometimes. Julie likes to have everything in order, marked properly and stored in the attic as long as it’s accessible. I have a very scientific and age-old passed down from father to son manly tradition that is fail-safe! You put breakable stuff in the boxes marked “B,” the ornaments in the boxes marked “T,” which means tree obviously, and most everything else in the boxes marked “XS” or Xmas Stuff. I do not have an “L” box because I do what my dad always did, which was taught him by his father. This tradition has been traced back to old Germany when, “Those who wore the hairy clothes, hit things with clubs, never bathed and delighted in eating large portions of okra,” were told by the women who wore metal breastplates, carried spears and sang soprano, “Take down the candles until the next snow fall!”
    The tradition is quite simple. By that I mean, “Worth repeating.” Dig a hole and put the bright things in it. I don’t know how difficult it was for the ancients, but nowadays it is nearly impossible to put 500 strings of little teeny lights into a box in such a way that they are not tangled. Those ancient Germans had no trouble finding some candles and we moderns have no problem buying plenty of lights next year. All we have to do is to take them out of the box — neatly packaged — and give them to our wives, who are amazed at our packing skills, and sit back and smile when the tree trimming is done. I put this ancient lore away in my brain and it is only spoken of by manly men who sit around a fire and whisper these stories to our sons and are sworn to secrecy. Do not let your wives read this section.
    Well, the Christmas season is over for a time, but there is a caveat. The memories are to last! Remember those feelings of love, and sharing and belonging, and the hugs and kisses, family moments and circle of friends? These are to be shared all year! We must not forget or take for granted those cherished times. The world is filled with sadness, hopelessness and hurt and the only possible solution is that gift which is for a lifetime.
    “For God so loved the world! Not for a season or a moment in time when carols are sung. He gave His Son so that the world might be saved!” I know this and His light always shines and His word always lifts our hearts!
    Have the merriest memories from this moment on!
    Thanks, God!

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