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Doing what God wants us to do
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    According to an article I read — and if you believe it — 90 percent of our population is in great need of therapy in one form or another. And if you are around a lot of folks for any length of time, I believe you will agree that there are truly some strange people running around the neighborhood. Let's agree that that is the case and there is help, in many forms, available at the book stores and counseling methods. Getting help does not mean that we are incapable of sound action and good thinking. I have always thought that so many of us just struggle with making sense out of the nonsense, and that is not easy.
    I, in my sound state of mind, may think you are a nut case. And you — a few floors short of the top — may think I am a loony. In order to stay away from pointing fingers, let's simply say that sometimes we feel like winners and too often we feel like losers.
    There are those who always have something negative to say about themselves or the world in general. Let's not name names. Okay? If you overheard one of their conversations, it might go like this: "Hi, Sam. How's it going?"
    " Same-o, same-o."
    "How's your job?"
    "They push me too hard."
    "How's the wife and kids?"
    "She ran off with the milkman and the kids hate me."
    "How's the dog?"
    "He bit me."
    "Well, I like your tie."
    "I spilled coffee on it this morning."
    "I've gotta go.
    "I hope you have a good day."
    (Sigh) "Me, too."
    Here's a favorite: "I'm failing in class."
    "Why don't you talk to the teacher?"
    "She doesn't like me."
    "Why don't you study with some of the good students?"
    "They're having trouble, too."
    "Why don't you change teachers?"
    "They don't like me either."
    "Why don't you forget the whole conversation?"
    "I'm failing."
    We call this guy a "poor me" and "yes, but..." One of many people like him can be found in the Bible, and I'll pick old Moses. God said to Moses, "Go talk to Pharaoh and tell him to let my people go."
    Moses replied, "Who am I to do such a thing?"
    "Moses, I will be with you!"
    "But, God, he won't believe me!"
    "Moses, take this rod and with My help, you will convince him."
    "But, God, I am not a very good talker."
    "Okay, Moses. Where's your brother?"
    Let me say that if it had not been for Aaron and God's insistence, we'd never have heard about those Hebrews.
    God said to the young man Jeremiah, "Before you were in the womb, I knew you and chose you for a great task."
    Paul wrote, "He who set me apart before I was born was pleased to reveal His Son to me."
    Take some time — when you can — and read the stories about these men. They were hardly good choices for any task — looking at their past histories — and, yet, God worked out His plan through their courage and persistence.
    Do we realize that our world is full of plain, average, common people like us — not exceptionally talented or gifted — and still lived remarkable lives? Mother Teresa is quoted, "I know God will not give me anything I cannot handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much."
    "I can't do that! I've had a bad day. That sounds crazy! Get someone else. I'm not worthy! When I've completed my education, get my degree, mastered the information, had plenty of experience and am prepared, call me. I'm just not ready!"
    Oh, yes you can! Take a deep breath and say with me, "He who set me apart before I was born and called me through His grace, revealed His Son to me!"
    One day soon, we will all be called to a task that absolutely terrifies us. It may be as scary as leaving our home and moving to a new country or as tame as working in the church kitchen preparing meals for the hungry. I may not speak a foreign language and can't boil water without burning it, but if this is what God wants me to do, I'll do my very best!
    Here I am God. Send me!
    Thanks, God!

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