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Consumer Qs: Get creative with your window boxes this spring
A windowsill garden consisting of rooting cuttings of begonias and night-blooming cereus in colored bottles and vases. Additional color and fragrance is provided by adding winter-blooming flowers of Algerian iris, paperwhite narcissus, laurustinus and wintersweet cut from the garden outdoors. - photo by ARTY SCHRONCE/special
Delete Question: What are some small houseplants that will fit on a narrow windowsill? Answer: There are plenty of plants plants that may work because they are naturally diminutive or because they are small when young and can live on a windowsill for a long time until they grow too large. Here are a few plants to consider: miniature African violets, bird’s nest sansevieria, miniature orchids, tillandsias and other small bromeliads, creeping fig and string of hearts/rosary vine (Ceropegia woodii).
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