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Change can be a good thing
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    It's Monday, January 12th, and the first day of classes here at old East Georgia State College. I've been preparing for today since the last semester ended about a month ago. I keep re-reading my old notes to find out if I had left anything out, need to emphasize this point or that section and just wanting to make the course better. I have come to the conclusion that the course has been revamped to the max and if anything needs to be fixed or improved, it's got to be me. It's got to be me? Who said that, and to whom am I talking? It's going to be that kind of semester.
    Here is the plan. I will try to make every day count, teach every chapter with enthusiasm, love every student, listen to and try to answer every question and never take anything for granted. I almost forgot be prepared to change and adapt. Nothing remains the same anymore, and the good old days of the past must remain in the past. And so we are responsible to make every moment from this day forward the good days. I hate to admit it, but time travel is an impossibility, an interesting conversation piece, so to think we can change our past is a waste of good energy. Too many folks want to remain eternally young, naive and trapped in an environment that never changes because it's safe and predictable.
    I hate to get head-slapped into reality, but the events over the past few weeks should make every individual in this wide world of ours prepared to wake up to the dangers we must face and be ready to meet hostility and violence with all the courage and resources we have available! Someone recently said, "We are surrounded by analysis paralysis!"
    I just had a very bright professor stop by and we talked for a while about Christmas past and did we get more than we deserved and we both agreed we did. Somehow, my article came up and I tried to explain what I was trying to write about and he thought I was very close to being a nut case. While his observation may be very accurate, I'll stick with my premise, "We may have to change something if we are going to succeed. What's it going to be?"
    It's digression time.
    As I sit here, a great song popped into my brain. Here it is. "We're busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, trying to find something else not to do. We're busy going nowhere, isn't it such a crime? We'd like to be unhappy, but we never do have the time."
    This old Disney song from the movie, "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court," has been called, "The Politician's Song," and you can hear it played on television before the start of Parliament as well as when our local, state and federal governments convene. I truly do not believe that any government is so lame and limited that their job is nothing more than committees and administration. However, partisan politics can be so ingrained that little can be done without the fear that a representative might be labeled as lacking in allegiance.
    I have and always will vote for the man or woman who has integrity, courage and will work for the good of all rather than the party line, especially when holding fast to the platform may destroy lives. I believe that Romans 13 speaks to the form of government that our country is proud to announce is the finest the world has ever seen! No other world government has a Constitution like ours and our system of checks and balances has no equal.
    This is a new year and a new year of opportunities, change, resolution and action. We must begin with the absolute sovereignty of Almighty God, continue with the absolute authority of the Bible and live each day accordingly. I believe we will be amazed at what will be accomplished!
    Thanks, God!

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