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Bulloch History with Roger Allen - Squids attack ship named Brunswick
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Roger Allen

    In 1831, a 49-ton sloop was built named the Brunswick in New Brunswick, Canada. A sloop is a small boat with a single mast facing forward.
    There were at least five schooners named Brunswick built on this side of the Atlantic. A schooner is larger than a sloop and has two or more masts with the rear being the tallest.
    The smallest schooner was a 29-ton vessel built in 1851 in New Brunswick, while the largest one was a 74-ton vessel built in 1839 in Brunswick, Ga.
    A Brigantine is a vessel with two square-rigged masts. There were two Brigs named Brunswick. The first was a 162-ton Brig built in 1820 in Granville, Nova Scotia, and the second was a 141-ton Brig built in Saint Martin, New Brunswick in 1834.
    A Bark is a vessel with at least two front square rigged masts and a fore-and-aft rigged rear mast. There were two named Brunswick: a 244-ton vessel built in 1841 in Saint Andrew, New Brunswick, and a 506-ton vessel built in 1865 at Westbrook, Maine.
    During the Civil War, a Union whaler named the Brunswick was fishing in the Bering Straits when it was captured and burned by the Confederate raider CSS Shenandoah.
    In November 1881, the 1120-ton ship Brunswick, the first iron-hulled bulk freighter, collided with the schooner Carlingford on Lake Erie. She sank just seven and-a-half miles from land.
    The 8,890-ton tanker Brunswick made maritime history when it was attacked at least three different times by giant squid. According to reports, each squid paced the ship, then suddenly wrapped its tentacles around the hull.
    As the squids were unable to get a solid grip on the ship's steel hull, they slid to the rear of the ship and were chopped up by the ship's propellers.
    The next two Brunswicks' also were commercial vessels: the first was a 532-ton ship built in 1893 in North Bend, Ore., and the second was a 185-ton ship built in 1902 in Canning, Nova Scotia.
    The last two ships named Brunswick were U.S. Naval vessels. The first, the 1,430-ton Patrol Frigate Brunswick (PF-68), was launched in November 1943 at the Leathem D. Smith Shipbuilding Company in Sturgeon Bay, Wis.
    This Brunswick sailed in at least three convoys to Algeria. Converted to a weather ship, she served in the North Atlantic until March 1946. Decommissioned in May 1946, she was sold in April 1947.
    Finally, the second Navy vessel was the 2,582-ton Edenton Class Salvage and Rescue ship Brunswick (AT-3). Commissioned in December of 1972, she served until being decommissioned in March of 1996 and transferred to the South Korean Navy under the Security Assistance Program.
    Roger Allen is a local lover of history. Allen provides a brief look at the area's historical past. Email Roger at

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