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Bulloch History with Roger Allen - Coleman's take over the Herald
roger allen
Roger Allen

    The Turner Brothers (A.C. and D.B.) controlled, in addition to the Bulloch Herald, rights to three more papers: the Bulloch Times, the Statesboro News, and the Statesboro Star. In 1917, these three papers were then combined into a single paper, the Bulloch Times, and then sold shortly thereafter to the Millers.
    The Miller brothers (James and Frank) combined the Bulloch Times, Statesboro News, and the Statesboro Eagle into one single paper, the Bulloch Times, in 1920. Then, J. Shields Kenan, owner of the Kenan Publishing Company in Statesboro, bought the rights to the  Bulloch Times and began printing the paper at his own shop.
    Meanwhile, in 1924 at the Georgia Normal School, students and faculty had begun their first publication, which they called Station GNS. This paper was succeeded by the Reflector in 1926, which in turn was replaced in 1927 by the George-Anne. This college newspaper is now the longest continuously published newspaper in Bulloch County.
    On March 26, 1937, the Coleman family started publication of the long-suspended Bulloch Herald. Leodel Coleman was the Editor, G.C. Jr. was the Associate Editor, and Jim was the Advertising Director. The first three issues of the paper were printed at the Swainsboro Forest Blade and the fourth edition was printed by the Vidalia Advance.
    In 1939, the Colemans bought the Banner Publishing Company, and moved the newspaper to the Banner Building in Statesboro. In 1942, the Bulloch Herald suspended publication for the duration of World War Two, as all three Colemans had each joined different branches of the armed forces.
    Leodel became a Marine Corps Combat Correspondent; Jim joined the Air Force; and G.C. Jr. became an Army Paratrooper. The Bulloch Herald was restarted in 1946 by the Colemans only after all three brothers had returned safely from the war.
    In 1957, the Bulloch Herald was merged with the Bulloch Times, to form what was called simply the Bulloch Herald and Times. In 1962 Kenan ceased being the publisher, although the paper continued to be published as the Bulloch Herald and Times until 1970.
    From 1970 until 1983, the Southern Beacon was published in Statesboro, at which time its name was shortened to simply the Beacon for the last three years of its existence. Not long after the Beacon closed, another paper emerged. Known as the Statesboro Georgian, this paper served the Statesboro public from 1988 until 1992.
    The Bulloch Herald and Times name was changed to the Statesboro Herald in 1970, and is the name the newspaper still bears today. In addition to the regular Statesboro Herald, from February through June of 1994 the Statesboro Herald Extra Express was published as well.
    Roger Allen is a local lover of history. Allen provides a brief look at Bulloch County's historical past. E-mail Roger at rwasrer53

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