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Bulloch Genealogy with Roger Allen - Rushing comes to area as one of first
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The name Rushing comes from the ancient Gaelic word "Ros." Over time this name changed to "Ross", "Ruisin," or "Rusheen." The name is quite common in areas of Ireland.

Examples of its usage are in Rusheen town in County Sligo, Rusheen Bay in Galway, Rusheen in County Donegal, and the archaeological site "Ruisin an Uisce" in County Cork.

The name was used by or given to people who lived near "Rush bed or rushes" (reeds that grow near or in water). This name was "Anglicized" to Rushing.

While "Rushing" is the most common variation of this family line used in America, in Canada most of the original families goes by the name "Ross."

While most Rushings in America are of Irish or English heritage, a few came from German "Riesin" or "Reisen" families who emigrated to America.

William Rushin (also spelled Rushen, Russins, Rushine & Rushing) was born before 1565 in Clare, Suffolk, England. His children included William Jr.

William Jr. was born before 1593 in Clare and married Martha Harvey. Their children included Mathew. Mathew was born between 1625 and 1633 in Clare and died 1678 in Charles City County, VA.

His son Mathew was born between 1670 and 1675 in Va. and died 1728 in North Carolina. He married Elizabeth, and their children included William.

William was born between 1720 and 1723 in Chowan Precinct, Northampton County and died about 1766 in Brown's Creek, Anson Co., He married Mary Paul, and their children included both Abraham R. and John Paul, Robert.

His son Abraham R. was born between 1739 & 1742 in Roanoke, VA and died in Anson County, NC in May 1805. He married Sarah Mariah Meador in SC and Sarah (Watts) Alsobrook. His children included William.

His son John Paul was born between 1745 and 1753 in Anson County, NC and died in 1790 in Mt. Croghan, SC. He married Temperance Jane May. Their children included William Grayson.

If there is any uncertainty in the Bulloch County Rushing's genealogy, it is whether the next Rushing (another William) in the Bulloch County line is Abraham or John Paul's son.

William (or William Grayson) was born after 1771 in Anson County, NC and died 1865 in Bulloch County. Records show a John Rushing sold William 100 acres of land in Effingham County in 1790/1. He married Elizabeth Jane Tilghman (Tillman) and/or Mary "Pollie" Bert (Birt).

William's children were all born in Bulloch. They included John Berrien, James Burton, Martha B., Calvin Harrison, Mary Ann, Susan Jane, Caroline, and Georgia Ann. These are the Rushings who formed most, if not all, of the Bulloch County Rushing families.

John Berrien was born 1810 and married Sarah Ann Dasher and Faithy Ann Ellen Burnside. James Burton was born 1812 and married Jane Groover. Martha B. was born 1815 and married Cornelius Geiger. Calvin Harrison was born 1818 and married Sarah Nevils (or Neville) and Belzora M. Hughs.

Mary Ann was born 1824 and married #1 Charles Ulmer Zetterower and #2 William C. Anderson. Susan Jane was born 1830 and married John F. Hendley. Caroline was born 1834 and married James McLeod. Georgia Ann was born 1834 and married Peter G. Dickerson.

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