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Bulloch Genealogy with Roger Allen - Most Mocks trace roots to Germany
roger allen
Roger Allen

      The family now known as "Mock" has a name that has been spelled many ways: Mauk; Mauck; Mack; Moak; Maag; Mook; Maug; Mocks; Mox; Maux; Motz; Monk; Moncks; Mauch; and others. The majority of the Mocks came from Germany.
       Most were Lutherans, while some were Mennonites, Moravians, and German Baptists (or 'Dunkards'.). Pennsylvania, and especially Bedford County, had a very large number of Mocks decide to settle there, although they did settle in other areas such as the Carolinas, Georgia, Maryland, New York and Virginia.
      The first known Mock ancestor who established roots in Georgia was Wolfgang Mackh (the son of Jerg Mack and Catherina). He first married Barbara Niedersteiner in Germany, and then later married Anna Barbara Maerhoefer in Effingham County.
      Wolfgang Mackh arrived onboard the ship Antalope on October 23, 1751. After settling in Bethany just north west of Savannah, he returned to fetch brothers Thomas and Bartholomew and young sister Christina.
      Thomas was born August 12, 1733 in Germany and died on January 5, 1807 in North Carolina. He married Mary Weinkauff on April 16, 1765 in Effingham Co. Their children were Mary Barbara, Thomas, Michael, Matthias (or Matthew), and Elizabeth.
      Brother Bartholomew Mock was born November 6, 1729 in Langenau, Germany and died on January 12, 1764 in Bethany, Effingham County, GA. He married Mary Stand in July 1755 in Effingham Co., GA. Their children were Christina, Mary Barbara, Michael, Paulus, and finally, Maria and Thomas (twins).
      The three brothers came to Georgia after one or more served as members of the 2nd Swabian Cavalry Unit from Langenau, Germany that defended the Fortress of Ulm. Here, the Austrian Army, led by Karl Mack, was defeated in what is called the greatest victory ever won Emperor Napoleon of France.
      Andrew Mock was born between 1750 and 1755 in Saint George Parish, and died in 1812. He married Mary Ann Tanner in 1775, and they bought land in Screven County in 1805.
      Andrew Mock Sr. had a number of children that settled throughout the "Pine Barrens" of Southeast Georgia. He had three sons: Benjamin T., born in 1780; George, born in 1784; and Andrew Jr., born in 1792.
       He also had four daughters: Rachel, born in 1783; Ann Mock, who married Lodewick Boyakin (or Boykin); Sary (or Sarah), who married Philip Howell; and Charlotte Mock, who married George Henry Maner.
      Andrew Sr.'s first son Benjamin T. married Hester Wilder, who bore him two sons: Grandville B., and James Andrew. James Andrew's son David Capers Mock was born in April 1860 in Screven Co, but moved to and eventually died in Bulloch County in 1901.
      David Capers first married Katherine "Kaite" Burnside, and then married Anna E. Wise. His children were Lucy B., Clifford, Naomi, Sybil Lee, Eliza, Edna, Clisby, and Louise.
      Andrew Sr.'s second son George married Selah (or Celia) Boykin, from whose father he purchased land in Screven County, GA. He had a number of children as well who remained in the Screven County area.
Bulloch County records show several other Mocks getting married in the county, including C. H. Mock, who married Eliza M. Lastinger on October 20, 1869, and James Madison Mock, who married Sophronia E. Wise on September 19, 1867.

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