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Bulloch Genealogy with Roger Allen - Aldermans arrive in Bulloch in 1816
roger allen
Roger Allen

The name Alderman is well-known throughout Bulloch County, as they were one of the first families to settle in the area. Their ancestral family lines can be traced all the way back to Robert Alderman, who was born in Saint Margarets in Ipswich, England at the end of the 16th century.
    Robert married, but his wife’s name is unknown. They had (at least) one child, Thomas Alderman, who was born in the early 1600s. Robert died shortly thereafter. Once again, Thomas married but his wife’s name has not survived. They had (at least) one child, whose name was William Alderman, born near the middle of the 17th century.
    William Alderman sailed to America and settled in the Connecticut area. Here, the records become much more complete. William Alderman lived at first in Windsor in 1672, later moved to Farmington and then again to Simsbury, Conn., where he married Mary Case, the daughter of John and Sarah Spencer Case., on June 22, 1679. William and Mary Alderman had a number of children.
    Their first child, Mary, was born in September 1680. The next, Thomas, born in January of 1683, married Mary Seagrave. Their next child, another son, John, was born in 1684 (or possibly 1694) and married Sarah Case. William (Junior) was born in 1686, and married Rebecca Osborn. William Sr.’s other daughter, Sarah, was born in 1691 and married Thomas Moses. Their final child, Joseph, was born in 1697 and married Mindwell Case.
    Thomas and Mary had a number of children. Thomas the third was born about 1705. The following child, William the third was born about 1707. Their first daughter, Mary, was born about 1708. William the fourth was born about 1709.
    Their last child, Daniel, was born in 1711 in Cohansey, Deerfield County (later Salem County), New Jersey. He married Abigail Harris, the daughter of Nathaniel Harris and Miriam Brooks. Daniel and Abigail Alderman had a number of children.
    Daniel's first child was John (the second) who was born in 1742 in Cohansey, Salem, N.J., and later married Mary Cashwell. Their next two children were daughters: Rachel was born in 1744 and married Charles Bland, and Mary was born in 1746 and married Elijah Bowen.
    Daniel and Abigail’s next two children were sons: Daniel the second was born in 1747 and married Sarah Newton, and David was born in 1749 and married Jemima Hall. Their next two children were daughters: Hannah was born in 1751 and married James Bland,  and Abigail was born in 1753 and married William James. It is here that the Bulloch County connection is made.
     David married Jemima (also spelled Jimima) the daughter of Thomas and Rachel Hall, in 1773. He and Jemima moved to the old family homestead (which his father had left him in his will) in Duplin County, North Carolina.
    Two generations of Aldermans’ served very proudly during the American Revolution. Daniel was a Corporal, while his sons David and John were Privates in the North Carolina Militia.
     In 1816, David and Jemima moved to Bulloch County, where he purchased 200 acres of land in 1817. David and Jemima had many children. Depending on which records you go by there were between 14 and 20 children.
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