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Spring is just around the corner!
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Holli Deal Bragg
    After weeks and weeks of dreary and cold weather, the recent delightful day of sunshine was more than I could bear.
    There I was, stuck in a tiny cubicle, without a window in sight, starved for fresh air and sunshine, knowing it was just yards away.
    Temperatures well above 70 degrees. A light breeze, and plenty of golden sunshine, twinkling with merriment as it cascades over the world.
    Aaaahhh, could it be? Is Spring peeking its pollen-coated nose around the corner? Will the days really be getting longer and the air become warmer?
    I cannot wait.
    The best word to describe the recent sunny day is “happy.” The birds flocking to the ground were happy. The expressions on people’s faces as they ran errands or drove with windows rolled down were happy. The sky looked happy. The grass, with bits and pieces of green trying to poke above ground, seemed happy. I was happy.
    If not for having to work, I would have been outside on a blanket with a good book, soaking in the rays. I would have been in a hammock stretched between the tall pines in my yard, or sitting on the bank, fishing. I would have been on my horse galloping across the fields waiting to be planted,  or digging into the  moist, expectant earth, preparing it to receive my tomato plants and strawberry plants.
    At home that afternoon, my dogs lolled in the sunshine. My horses grazed in the sunshine. My chickens scratched for earthworms in the sunshine. Everything and everybody seemed to soak up the pure golden light as if they were dry sponges suddenly dunked in sparkling water.
    If winter signals the year’s end, then spring symbolizes the new year’s late start. The first couple months are for sluggish and slow preparations for what is coming, but let a few robins appear, let the clouds dissipate and the gray days move away for the splendidly bright blue skies and appearance of colorful blooms, and suddenly everyone and everything is ready to go.
    The robins and those paper whites and jonquils are the first to awaken, then one morning we will all wake up to a riot of color where blooms burst open and life is at its fullest.
    Walking along my dirt road recently, I noticed the world awakening. Buds formed on tree limbs, and frogs croaked in the water held captive along ditches and in low spots in the woods.
    It is exciting! I look forward to each and every sign of spring that I know is coming. Rains and rainbows, green grass carpeting my pasture and lawn, colorful blooms and blossoms.
    The scent of barbecues and the sounds of people doing things outside instead of huddling inside where it is warm. Open windows allowing the fresh breezes to air out the musty smell of winter. Birds singing every morning and winter clothes banished to the back of the closet.
    Trips to the beach. Cookouts, walks along the scenic paths, dabbling bare toes in the tea-colored water of Upper Lotts Creek as it spills from Lake Collins while a cricket or shiner wiggles on my hook.
    Maybe it is because I am getting older, or because my husband of almost five years embraces life with zeal as well, but after too many years of responsible adulthood ( and a few years of irresponsible adulthood) I am ready to seize every speck of life I am able and enjoy it to its fullest.
    I’m going to take that road trip down the east side of Florida, where the beautiful shells are found, and up the west coast, where the sand is like fine white sugar and the waters are aquamarine.
    I’m going to go on weekend trail rides and host a few of my own. I am going to camp out and roast marshmallows while watching the night sky, and who knows - maybe I’ll even sleep under the stars on some of those nights after a day’s worth of riding in God’s country.
    I am going to take advantage of every single bit of sunshine God gives us, and when the sun rests and the rains come, I am going to give thanks because I know when the sun comes back, the recipe of sunshine and rainfall will make the world even more beautiful when the flowers, grass and trees grow.
    I love my job, but life is way too short to spend too much time behind a computer or in front of a television. Sleeping late is nice, but when my rooster, a Bantam named Early (he starts at 4 a.m.) crows, and I see those golden rays spilling into my window, I don’t want to waste the day in bed.
    Life is for living, and with the delightful weather coming, that’s what I intend to do - to the fullest!
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