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Celebrating 50 years of Georgia Artist Collection
Benefactor Betty Foy Sanders also unveils final public exhibition
W 50th Celebration photo
Betty Foy Sanders, 91, left and Bailey Deal, 19, of Portal discuss one of Sanders' artworks called "Valley," shown in the "Fluid Structures" exhibition at the Georgia Southern Center for Art and Theatre, on Thursday. Deal said that they discussed how the different elements of the piece, the paint and the rocks, work together to make the art as a whole more interesting. - photo by JULIA FECHTER/Herald Intern
Hundreds of people celebrated the Georgia Artist Collection’s 50th anniversary along with Betty Foy Sanders’ final exhibition at the Georgia Southern Center for Art and Theatre Thursday. “Mrs. Sanders touched my life and the life of many students... with her presence, support, artwork, money and love of people,” said Dr. Curtis Ricker, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. When her late husband Carl Sanders was governor, Sanders founded the Georgia Artists’ Collection in the 1960s at then Georgia Southern College as part of a state-wide effort to fund arts departments, said Jason Hoelscher, the Center’s gallery director.
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