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More than just a bakery
Brunch, pizza now staples at Sugar Magnolia
Sugar Magnolia Web
The Sugar Magnolia isn't just a bakery any more. Opened in 2004, Sugar Magnolia now does a booming pizza business on Friday and Saturday nights and brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Above, employees Caitlyn Davidian works the cash register, while Sam Harvey helps customers behind the counter. - photo by Special
Since opening in 2004, the Sugar Magnolia Bakery and Cafe has become a cornerstone in a part of downtown that has experienced a lot of change. Surrounded by a number of empty storefronts on East Main Street and Savannah Avenue, the bakery has managed to thrive, creating a loyal customer base that swears by the bakery's offerings. Georgia Southern University professor Mark Welford has come to Sugar Magnolia virtually every day since it opened.
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