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Kayce joins Westside
Groomer partners with Boro animal clinic
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Kayce Williams and Dr. Stan Lee hold "Tutu" for grooming Monday at the Westside Veterinary Clinic in Statesboro. - photo by JAMES HEALY/staff

      In a move that may be somewhat of a surprise to their clients, Kayce Williams, owner of Kayce's Pet Parlor, has merged her business into the Westside Veterinary Clinic on West Main Street.
      After seven years of successfully operating on Savannah Avenue, Williams said she was ready to focus just on grooming and her family, leaving the business end of her operation to be handled by the staff of the clinic.
      "I have loved the seven years that we were on Savannah Avenue," she said. "But this move will take the managing of the business side and the facilities off of my plate, which will make things much easier for both me and Allie, who has worked with me from the beginning. We are so excited that we are moving into their amazing facilities."
       This will not be the first time that Williams has worked in the clinic and for its owner Dr. Stan Lee.
      "Kayce worked with us here when she was in high school, and then again as veterinary assistant when she was attending Georgia Southern," Lee said. "She moved to Indiana after high school, and when she called to say that she was moving back to Statesboro to attend Georgia Southern, we were happy to find a place for her here again, because she is so good with animals."
      Lee said the move should be seamless for William's clients.
      "Kayce has taken the last few days to move everything over, and to get set up," he said. "Other than that, the service that she and Allie provide will remain the same as it always has been. It's just a matter of coming to our location on West Main versus dropping your pet off at the former Savannah Avenue location."
      Williams said she really wants her clients to know how much she appreciates their willingness to switch sites.
      "We understand that change can be intimidating, and we are working very hard with Dr. Lee to help make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone," she said. "We want, more than anything, to maintain our client relationships. Kayce's Pet Parlor has the most amazing and loyal clients, and we will always respect and honor that, no matter where we are located."
      Lee opened his veterinary clinic in 1986, and has remained in that location ever since. He said times have changed, and he felt he it would be beneficial to his clients to locate additional services within the clinic.
      "We want to make things as convenient as we can for our clients, so bringing Kayce's in just seemed like a very good ancillary service that we could offer," he said. "She has such a wonderful reputation in the community through her hard work, dedication, and professionalism. Allie is also very well respected. I think it will be a wonderful fit."
      Allie Woodall has worked with Williams since the business opened. She is thrilled with the change.
      "I am very excited, because it will finally give us a chance to step back and focus on our grooming rather than paperwork," she said. "It will take us back to where things were when Kayce's first opened. It was all about playing with dogs all day and having a good time. Of course, change can be a little nerve wracking, but once we get into the swing of things, it is going to be great."
      Williams said the groomers, supplies used, and price for grooming will remain the same.
      "We also want people to know that you are not required or recommended to switch veterinarians," she said. "Dr. Lee understands and encourages long-term relationships between veterinarians and their clients."
      The grooming side of the clinic is in full operation beginning today.

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