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Herald reacts to reader survey, makes changes
Newspaper adds more regional, crime coverage; will keep color Sunday comics
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      The Statesboro Herald has made some recent content changes based on reader input.
      "We ran a reader survey recently in the paper and online and have reacted to that quickly," Herald publisher Randy Morton said. "Several readers have called in about the survey results so I thought we'd give a brief outline of what some of the changes are. We know everyone will not agree with all the changes, but we're trying to appeal to the majority of our readers. Here are a few key questions in the survey along with our response to reader wishes."
Survey question: What parts of the Herald do you read?
#1 Answer = Local News
#2 Answer = Entire paper, cover to cover
      Our response: We will continue to work hard to deliver as much local news as possible since that's what readers want most. Our paper is not the largest but we'll try our best to make it the best pound for pound, cover to cover for each issue.
Survey question: If you could add more to the Herald, what would it be?
#1 Answer = Regional News/Area/State
#2 Answer = Local Crime & Courts
      Our response: We have added additional regional coverage pages in Wednesday and Saturday's Herald. We have also included police reports and more in-depth reporting of local crime as it happens. Watch for a new "Most Wanted" lineup in the Herald and on
Survey question: What do you think of combining Saturday & Sunday?
#1 Answer = Bad Idea
      Our response: We will increase the value of the Saturday paper with more news and entertainment features for readers.
Survey question: What about Color Comics in the Sunday Herald?
#1 Answer = Very important part of Sunday paper
      Our response: We will continue the Sunday color comics package but also have added new online comics at
Survey question: Considering news online at
#1 Answer = Like having both online and print
Survey question: How easy is it for you to find what you need at
#1 Answer = Good site. Easy to work. I like it.
      Our response: We will continue to add value and new reasons for you to visit our website for the latest news as well as special video shows.
Survey question: Considering the load speed of
#1 Answer = Comes right up. No problems.
      Our response: We will continue to add new features while keeping load times to a minimum.


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