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Bobby Joes BBQ Sauce gains recognition
Ole'-Time Bobby Joe's BBQ Sauce
      One local family has turned their three generation barbeque sauce recipe into a money making venture producing Ole'-Time Bobby Joe's BBQ Sauce for sale in local markets and restaurants.
       "My family used to own the Cason Milling Company in Statesboro," said John Cason, son of Bobby Joe and Jane Cason. "Dorris Cason, my grandfather, received a recipe from a traveling salesman while working one day. He took the recipe home where his wife Grace made some modifications. The recipe became a family favorite."
       Cason said the recipe was misplaced for a number of years before being rediscovered by his mother in an old recipe book.
       "My mom had to figure out the proportions, because they were listed in very casual sort of old-timey terms," he said. "She is a math professor at Georgia Southern and was able to figure it out. We've been enjoying it and giving it away ever since."
       Cason said this past year while completing his senior year at Berry College in Rome he took two entrepreneurship business classes where he had to develop a business plan and conduct market research on a product.
       "I chose my grandmother's barbeque sauce, because it is so popular with so many of my parent's friends and family members," he said. "My dad, brother, and I decided to form a company and produce the sauce for commercial distribution. It has been harder than I thought it would be to do, but we now have it out on the shelves as of two weeks ago. I have a full time job since graduating from Berry, but I love getting out and selling our sauce in my spare time."
       Bobby Joe Cason said it has been a lot of fun to work on this project with both of his sons, John and Mitchell.
       "This sauce was something that was passed along to us by my mother, and something that we would make up and give away at Christmas," Cason said. "Now I get to carry on the tradition in the form of a business with my sons, and that is special."
Cason said the sauce can be purchased in 12 ounce bottles at the following locations in Statesboro - Ellis's Meat Market; Tillman, Brannen, and Minick; Boyd's Barbeque; R J's Seafood & Steaks; Anderson's General Store; and Hendrix Sport Shop.
       "We started first by trying to supply the sauce to different places in Statesboro," he said. "We are looking to try and sell it in other areas. Hopefully, we will be able to do that."
       Bobby Joe Cason is the director of the Statesboro Housing Authority. John Cason is the southwest district director of the State YMCA of Georgia. And, Mitchell Cason is director of sales at Roberts Truck Center in Richmond Hill.
       To learn more about Ole'-Time Bobby Joe's BBQ Sauce, you can visit the company's website at

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