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Bulloch Solutions: Technology Center set to open
Construction of both the inside and outside of the Technology Center is proceeding with the goal of opening in mid-March.

When Bulloch Solutions acquired Capstone Technology Services almost four years ago, CEO and general manager John Scott viewed that step as a commitment by Bulloch Solutions to not only embrace change, but to become a leader for technology services in Bulloch County.

“Once we established a relationship with Capstone Technologies, we knew the future of our company was going to look a lot different than it had in the past,” he said. “We’re not just a service provider anymore. We’re not just your telephone or just your internet or just your cable provider anymore. We are the local technology solutions leader for local residents and for small and large businesses.”

And the commitment Scott refers to is about become visible in a very public way with the opening of the Bulloch Solutions Technology Center on Buckhead Drive. The center will be the customer face of Bulloch Solutions, but Scott wants it to be much more than that.

“We want it to be a resource for the community,” he said. “It goes beyond whether your telephone is ringing or your cable is working or your Internet is doing what it’s supposed to do.  We want to take that to the next level. We want to show you technologies that can improve your quality of life through these new services.

“It will be a place to showcase what we are doing, what we can do and then ask the question ‘What would you like for us to do?’ And we’ll see what’s possible.”

Scott views the decision to build the Technology Center as a natural part of the growth and evolution of Bulloch Solutions as a company.

“When we started talking about creating an image of being innovative and being the technology leader for our area, the new building is what came out of that,” Scott said.

The building’s unique design is not by accident either. Scott credits Stuart Gregory, the company’s director of Business Development, for coming up with the vision of the look, both inside and outside, of the building.

 “I didn’t want it to look like anything else in Statesboro, because what we do is unlike anything else that is here,” Gregory said. “There was not a one-stop shop guide to all things technology. And that’s what we are and that’s what the new headquarters represents. 

“I thought a lot about opposing angles in the design of the building, which is purposeful in that it draws your eye to different elements. People will notice them. They’ll pay attention to them. They’ll be memorable.”

‘Smart’ homes

One area Bulloch Solutions sees tremendous potential for is a “smart” home. The first step is helping people to understand what a modern “smart” home is and then to work with them to decide what would work best for their particular situation.

“We talk a lot about smart homes and this technology and people don’t necessarily grasp what that truly is,” Scott said. “People say, ‘I want a smart home, but I’m not sure what that means and how it can help my life.’”

So, inside the lobby of the new Technology Center will be an actual example of a “smart” home.  

“We will have a literal smart home in the lobby here,” Scott said. “It’s a four-room tiny house that will include a living room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom. We’ll have it fully equipped with smart home services and lighting and security. People will be able to see for themselves how smart home technology really works”

With so many options to choose from, Gregory said people often end up with too many different smart services and need a different app to control each one. A Bulloch Solutions smart home will have one app, Gregory said, to control all the functionality of the home. 

“We’ve partnered with, which is a great, very easy to install security package that then you can add on all of these smart devices – light switches, thermostat, door locks – into your system into one app to control everything,” Gregory said. “The Bulloch Solutions app will control it all. We have been testing the entire system internally and with select customers for two years now and had great success. We’ve seen minimal challenges with the software. Minimal challenges with the install.”

Gregory said the prices for a smart home begin at $299 for a starter kit and a monitoring fee of $29.99 per month. 

Opening the Technology Center

Scott is hopeful the Technology Center will be ready to open to the public in mid-March and he is excited for the public to share in Bulloch Solutions’ dream.

“We’ve been doing theses ‘smart’ services for two-plus years now, but a lot of people don’t know we offer the services we do,” he said. “The Technology Center will be a place where we can showcase all of these services and demonstrate to people how they can help improve their lives.” 

And Gregory offered a challenge to anyone who thinks Bulloch Solutions won’t be able to fulfill a particular request.

“Bring us your technology challenge. We’ll provide the solution,” he said.

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