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BREAKING: 'Campus carry' passes, heads to governor's desk
Lawmakers confident Deal will sign
Conference committee members Rep. Mandi L. Ballinger, R - Canton, sponsor of HB 280, the so-called "campus carry" bill, and State Sen. Bill Heath, R-Bremen, leave the mezzanine office where they met in Atlanta on Thursday. HB 280 passed early Friday morning and now awaits the governor's signature to become law. - photo by Associated Press

Georgia lawmakers have approved legislation allowing people with state permits for concealed handguns to carry on public college campuses, sending it to Gov. Nathan Deal.

The Republican governor vetoed a similar bill last year but senators involved in the last-minute negotiations say they are "confident" that the bill will get signed into law this time.

Deal's office didn't immediately return requests for comment.

Under the bill, guns would still be banned from dormitories, fraternity and sorority houses, and buildings used for athletic events.

Additionally, offices where student disciplinary hearings are held, on-campus childcare centers and areas where high school students attend college classes would be excluded.

Deal was concerned about both of those issues in last year's bill.

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