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Boro's Pegasus Air granted Air Agency Certificate
FAA Aviation Safety Inspector Michael Nunemaker explains the FAA's expectations of Pegasus Air now that they have been granted an Air Agency Certificate and part 141 flight school status. - photo by EMILY EISENHART/Special
    After a rigorous two-year-long process, the Federal Aviation Administration has granted a Statesboro flight instruction school a certification that has the potential to open new doors for those seeking general aviation instruction in Statesboro and the surrounding areas.
    Michael Nunemaker, an Aviation Safety Inspector with the FAA, presented Pegasus Air, LLC, with an Air Agency Certificate at the Statesboro Regional Airport on Thursday morning.
    According to Nunemaker, there are two types of flight schools that cater to general aviation needs. One is the FAA certificated school, commonly referred to as a ‘part 141’ school, and the other is a ‘part 61’ flight school. Pegasus Air has been a ‘part 61 school’ since it opened its doors almost eight years ago. As of this month, Pegasus Air’s training will now be FAA approved and monitored under its part 141 status.
    “Becoming a part 141 school means a lot of things for Pegasus Air,” said Nunemaker. “The training is more structured, there are full, yearly inspections of the operating procedures, and a person can get their private pilot license in fewer hours,” he said.
    According to Kathy Boykin, owner and manager of Pegasus Air, under the company’s previous part 61 status, a flight student had to complete 40 hours of training to get a private pilot certificate. As a part 141 school, trainees can now obtain the same certificate in 35 hours.
    “We already have been able to train pilots for careers, but now we can offer a more respected training,” Boykin said. “The FAA will keep track of us and know that what we’re doing is up to standards. This allows us to improve our reputation even more and to establish better relationships with local hiring,” she said.
    Nunemaker said that he believes there are fewer than 14 ‘part 141’ flight schools in the state of Georgia, and that there are no other FAA certified schools in the Statesboro or Savannah area.
    “One of the biggest benefits of being a ‘part 141’ school,” Nunemaker said, “is that they can now qualify for veteran’s benefits.”
    Boykin explained that the part 141 certification also allows Pegasus to be approved to offer discounted flight instruction for veterans. She estimated that veterans seeking ways to utilize their benefits should be able to get 60 percent of their flight instruction costs covered by the government. Boykin said that Pegasus should be able to obtain permission to offer this veteran’s benefit in the next two months.
    Pegasus Air LLC is located at the Statesboro Regional Airport and offers flight instruction, airplane rental, aerial photography and scenic tours. For more information call (912) 764-2836, or visit the Web site at

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