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Boro Snapshot - Top news story of 2007
Reginald Davis
Reginald Davis - West Palm Beach, Fl.: "I think the top issue is gas, and the reason why I think that is because it goes across the board in the way it affects the economy as well as the people. It doesn't matter where you live at or where you come from - the fact that it affects the household grocery bill, light bill, water bill - it affects vacation, it affects you as a whole. So that alone makes me feel and think that the gas is one of the major outstanding problems in our world today." - photo by ARAINA REAVES/Staff

Boro Snapshot

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Boro Snapshot is taped on Wednesday afternoons between 12 and 3. If you would like a chance to be featured on Boro Snapshot here are a few tips:
• Be at a heavily populated place such as the Statesboro Mall.
• Avoid being in or near a dense crowd.
• Make yourself available. Avoid being on a cellphone, etc.
• Be in a location with little background noise.
• Don't be shy!

This week's question:
"What do you think was the top national news story of 2007
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