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BOE District 7 candidate Deloach says the schools should help children thrive
Lisa Deloach

Lisa Deloach, a church pastor and retired registered nurse with six grandchildren now in the Bulloch County Schools and seven children who’ve graduated, is seeking the District 7 seat on the Board of Education.

Her goals, she  said,  include improving  emotional  and  mental health support for children, providing  an education that teaches them “how to thrive, not merely … survive,” and addressing disparities among schools.

The district’s voters are choosing, in Tuesday’s election, among Deloach, fellow challenger Joe Glisson and incumbent Heather Mims.

“As a child of God, my voice is not only to be heard behind a microphone at a church building, but it should be heard to bring wisdom, experience and leadership qualities to the school board to help pursue a vision for local schools reflecting the needs of the students which will allow the students to be productive citizens, to build healthy families in the community,” Deloach said in a phone interview.


Who she is

She is a lifelong Bulloch County resident and graduated from Statesboro High School. She took certified nursing assistant classes with Telemon Corporation, went to East Georgia Junior (now East Georgia State) College for core classes and on to Armstrong Atlantic University (later renamed and merged into Georgia Southern University) for her associate degree in nursing. She then took classes at Georgia Southern for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and toward a master’s degree to complete in the future.

Deloach had worked for East Georgia Regional Medical Center, Memorial Health University Medical Center, Ogeechee Area Hospice and a nursing home before retiring from nursing about seven years ago.

A minister for more than 20 years, she has now been the pastor of City of David Worship Assembly for 11 years. Her husband, Chris Anthony Deloach, is owner of Deloach Trucking Company and part-owner of Deloach Diesel Company and also presiding elder at City of David.

All seven of her children attended the local schools, and she actually has eight grandchildren, but two of them reside elsewhere, she said.

Deloach serves on the Downtown Tax Allocation District Advisory Board and previously served on the Ogeechee Technical College Advisory Board.


Candidate Q&A

Statesboro Herald: Why are you seeking this school board seat and why should voters in District 7 choose you?

Deloach: “The Lord touched my heart to run for the Board of Education …. He reminded me of my voice, a voice for the children that’s not heard, a voice for the teachers that’s overwhelmed, to bridge the gap between the board … and teachers that will bring great minds together on one accord. Unless there is an effective strategy the children will perish in receiving a proper education to be a prepared graduate for this world.”

That was in an email she sent.

In the initial phone interview, Deloach said she wants “to ensure that every child is to be nurtured and every child is seen and every child is given what they need to succeed.”

She added in the email that she wants the schools to have “a vision for life skills, college readiness and career readiness” that will “allow our students the ability to think individually. …”

“Emotional Instability has been so heavy on my heart, before COVID 19 I have received complaints from parents, and children themselves are struggling with suicidal thoughts, ADHD, ADD, autism.”

“Even in the COVID crisis some students are battling more emotionally with depression. Our children deserve an education that teaches them how to thrive, not merely how to survive. My goal is to ensure that all students despite social disadvantages and economic diversities will gain the tools necessary to be successful. …”

She added that she also wants to address a lack of diversity in staffing and would be “a team player” on the board.

Statesboro Herald: What do you think the school system's priorities should be going into 2021?

Deloach: “The first one would be safety for the faculty and the students when it comes to this COVID-19, making sure that the building’s safe and to provide mental health (support) for the students that are battling being out of school due to the COVID-19. It causes some separation anxiety.…

“And then also one of the things that we need to look at going back is the disparity between schools, because it’s not the same across the district when it comes to many different aspects, funding and resources, when it comes to fairness, accountability, teachers, superintendent, the zoning issues. ...”

Statesboro Herald: How will you, as a board member, support the work of the superintendent, staff and teachers and hold them accountable?

Deloach: “Understanding policy and procedures for the roles of the board, the superintendent and teachers, to assure that decisions are made without prejudices … or unfair persuasion,” she wrote. “Communication is the key. We maintain the focus on the children for educational purposes and not for a business model. They are flesh and blood, not just numbers.”

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