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Blue Devils football 1945: Statesboro's 'Amazing 13'
As World War II ended, a new coach, 13 players turned the program around
W Coach 1A
Coach Earnest Teel, center, and co-captains Judson Lanier, left, and Remer Brady helped lead Statesboro High School's 1945 football team with only 13 players to an 8-1 record. - photo by Photo from the 1946 Criterion, Statesboro High's yearbook
In early August 1945, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in an effort to bring World War II to an end. America's biggest bomber was the B-29 Super Fortress, used because of the weight of the bombs, about two tons. The first drop, on Aug. 6, was on Hiroshima on a clear day without incident.
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