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Bird flu takes unheard-of toll on bald eagles, other birds
Georgia DNR finds sharp drop in bald eagle reproduction this year in six coastal counties
bird flu
In this photo provided by the Wisconsin Humane Society, two people at the humane society's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Milwaukee provide care to a female bald eagle that later tested positive for the avian influenza, April 8, 2022. The female bird had been captured earlier in the day from a lakeside neighborhood after neighbors noticed it on the ground beneath the nest. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reports this new avian influenza strain has been found in 33 states, with eagles affected in at least 15. Officials also say the bird flu is more widespread and affecting more wild bird species compared to the last outbreak in 2015. (Wisconsin Humane Society via AP)
OMAHA, Neb. — Bird flu is killing an alarming number of bald eagles and other wild birds, with many sick birds arriving at rehabilitation centers unsteady on their talons and unable to fly.
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