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BCCI inmates charged with smuggling tobacco
Extended sentences expected
Nicholas Vincent Herrin

Two inmates at the Bulloch County Correctional Institute can probably expect extended sentences after being caught smuggling contraband Wednesday.

A surprise “shakedown” Wednesday night resulted in the discovery that two inmates -

Nicholas Vincent Herrin, 27, and Christopher Steven Wall, 31- smuggled tobacco into the facility, said BCCI Warden Chris Hill.

The method by which the men sneaked the tobacco into the work camp is rather extreme; Hill said the men stuffed the contraband into their rectums and later removed it when they returned to their cells.

“Then they sell it,” he said.

The problem of inmates smuggling things into the facility isn’t new, and is an ongoing issue, he said.

 The incarcerated men sometimes gather discarded cigarette butts and find ways to wrap them in cellophane before hiding them inside their bodies, but often, the plan involves outsiders, he said.

“Inmates will talk visitors into leaving contraband where they will be out on work detail, and they pick it up and smuggle it in,”he said. “Sometimes when they pick it up it is already prepackaged and ready (for hiding.)”

While tobacco is one of the more popular contraband items, inmates have sneaked in some other items as well, including drugs, alcohol and even electronics, he said.

“We had one man who had a cell phone charger, tobacco and a Blue Tooth (hidden in his body cavity) all in one day,” he said.

Inmates caught with contraband could face up to five years added to their sentences for each charge, he said.

Herrin and Wall each were charged with possessing liquor, drugs, weapons or other contraband by an inmate.

Herrin is incarcerated on convictions of burglary, theft by deception, theft by receiving stolen property, possession or deportation of stimulant or counterfeit drugs and marijuana possession, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections website (

Before the recent charge, he was slated for a maximum possible release date of Oct. 2019.

Wall is incarcerated on convictions of aggravated assault, obstruction and fleeing/attempt to elude in Columbia County, according to the website.

Before the recent charge, he was slated for a maximum possible release date of Nov. 2019.

Both men face upcoming court hearings on the current charges.


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