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Barrow talks gas prices
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U.S. Congressman John Barrow, right, chats with Parker's district supervisor Kim Counterman at the location on Chandler Road on Tuesday as the Congressman made an appearance in Statesboro to spread the word and pass out fliers about fuel economy. - photo by SCOTT BRYANT/staff

    U.S. Rep. John Barrow stopped at a Statesboro gas station to discuss the price of gasoline Tuesday.
    He spent about an hour Tuesday morning at Parker’s Enzone on Chandler Road, standing inside the store and greeting people as they walked in the door.
    One man brought a briefcase filled with documentation and talked to Barrow about injuries he received in the Vietnam War, and Barrow’s assistant, Mike Little, a veteran’s caseworker, helped with the man’s concerns.
    But Barrow’s main focus was on gas prices and spreading the message regarding what he hopes to do about the rising costs.
    “I am here to visit with folks at the pump about high gas prices and (plans to) stabilize them and lower costs,” he said. “We want to reverse, and halt overregulation that will drive costs up if we are not careful.”
    Barrow said he and others are calling for a “moratorium on Environmental Protection Agency regulations” until better solutions to lower the expense of travel can be found.
    “The EPA will have to use cost benefit analysis to weigh the benefits (of regulations) and then compare to the cost,” he said.
    Alternative fuel solutions such as biofuels could lower costs, but they are “a three-legged stool,” Barrow said. “There is the problem of infrastructure of delivery, production and a distribution system.”
    If those aren’t in place, he said, the alternative would not be cost-effective.
    “We’re trying to grow those three, but it’s hard to do overnight,” Barrow said.
    There are mandates to increase use of alternative fuels, but stopping overregulation and looking to find different oil suppliers are the keys to bringing down costs now, he said.
    Barrow is pushing to connect the U.S. to the Keystone Pipeline in Canada, so America can purchase oil from a friendlier supplier. A recent transportation bill that was passed omitted the Keystone Pipeline option.
    To connect and begin dealing with Canada would “be a huge stabilization in our supply of oil,” Barrow said. “That would be a huge help to us. Canadian oil is more available than Venezuela.”
    The Democratic congressman also urged people to be safe during the holiday weekend and suggested checking tires for proper air levels along with other tips to conserve gas.

    Holli Deal Bragg may be reached at (912) 489-9414.

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