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Wife of former FBI agent fails to find husband in Iran
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Daniel Levinson, center, shows a picture of his father Robert Levinson, an American former FBI agent, who was last seen on Iranian Kish island on March 8, as his mother Christine sits, right, while Swiss ambassador to Tehran speaks with media during a press conference, at the Swiss Embassy In Tehran, which handles U.S. interests in Iran, Saturday, Dec. 22, 2007. Iran said Saturday that Tehran did not have any information about a former FBI agent who reportedly went missing while visiting a Persian Gulf island, the state-run news agency, IRNA, reported. Christine Levinson and her 22-year-old son, Daniel, arrived in Tehran on Tuesday to seek information about her husband, who was on Kish to investigate a cigarette smuggler for a client of his security firm. - photo by Associated Press
    TEHRAN, Iran — The wife of a missing former FBI agent said Saturday she has been unable to find out what happened to her husband despite visiting the Iranian island where he was last seen.
    The Iranian government reiterated that it had no information about Robert Levinson’s whereabouts.
    ‘‘Our trip is almost over and the miracle we were hoping for has not happened. We still don’t have answers about what happened to Bob,’’ Christine Levinson said at a news conference in Tehran following her visit to Kish Island, a resort off the southern coast of Iran.
    Her 59-year-old husband was last seen March 8 on Kish, where he had gone to seek information on cigarette smuggling for a client of his security firm.
    ‘‘We tried to retrace his steps and met with airport officials and members of the hotel staff where Bob stayed before he disappeared,’’ Christine Levinson told reporters at the Swiss Embassy. ‘‘We still don’t know where Bob is, and the nightmare I and my family are experiencing will continue.’’
    Christine Levinson arrived in Iran on Tuesday to look for her husband, accompanied by her 22-year-old son, Daniel, and her sister, Suzan Halpin. According to the Swiss Embassy, which looks after American interests in Iran, she is scheduled to stay in Iran until Sunday.
    Government spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham told reporters earlier Saturday that the Iranian government had no information proving that Levinson had gone missing while visiting Kish.
    ‘‘If new information is given to us on this matter, we will follow up the case,’’ Elham told reporters.
    Iran has said it has informed U.S. officials through the Swiss Embassy that authorities have conducted an investigation but do not know what happened to Levinson.
    Christine Levinson said Iranian officials have been cooperative, but she still believes her husband is in Iran because his name has not shown up on any flight manifests of planes leaving the country. She also said she saw her husband’s signature at the Mariam Hotel in Kish, where he stayed.
    ‘‘I saw my husband’s signature in the hotel book,’’ she said. ‘‘There is a record of him checking out.’’
    Christine Levinson said she has not given up.
    ‘‘I’m still hoping to find my husband,’’ she said. ‘‘I always have hope.’’
    Robert Levinson, a father of seven from Coral Springs, Fla., was an FBI agent in New York and Florida until he retired in 1998.

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