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Some in Ga. GOP fear harm from 'religious freedom'
Bill fails to get House vote
Religious Freedom Bill
David Sicay-Perrow, left, and Robert Todd, both of Atlanta, cheer during a rally against a contentious "religious freedom" bill, Tuesday, March 17, in Atlanta. The Georgia Senate gave decisive approval to the bill, one of a wave of measures surfacing in at least a dozen states that critics say could provide legal cover for discrimination against gays and transgender people. - photo by Associated Press
ATLANTA — The divide within the Georgia Republican Party on a religious free measure came into clear focus at a March rally opposing the bill. "I will not let a small minority of vocal legislators hijack my state," David Bachman told the crowd outside the Georgia Capitol. Bachman is a 26-year-old gay man who owns a tie-making company and has been involved with Republican campaigns since high school, personifying the split between his party's business wing and religious backers.
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