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Gymnasts' parents say they'll 'never get rid of the guilt'
Sports doctor's actions continue to reverberate
W gymnasts
In this Jan. 22 file photo, Krista Wakeman, right, comforts her mother after Krista addressed Larry Nassar during the fifth day of victim impact statements against Nassar in Lansing, Mich. - photo by Associated Press
LANSING, Mich. — Some parents thought they were misinterpreting the doctor's techniques. Others assumed their children were lying or mistaken.But as more details emerged, the mothers and fathers had to face an awful truth: A renowned sports doctor had molested their daughters.These parents, many fighting back tears, confronted Larry Nassar during his long sentencing hearing, lamenting their deep feelings of guilt and wondering how they could have missed the abuse that sometimes happened when they were in the same room."I willingly took my most precious gift in this world to you, and you hurt her, physically, mentally and emotionally. And she was only 8," Anne Swinehart told Nassar.
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