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Federal study gives new options for people with rare cancers
Results suggest that for people with unusual diseases, there seems to be a way to predict who will – and will not – benefit from a drug combo that boosts the immune system
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This March 12, 2019, photo provided by Brigitte Sagasser shows her in San Marcos, Calif. Sagasser, a participant in a federal study for rare cancers, seems to be benefitting from the treatment. Her tumors have been shrinking since starting the treatment a year ago for a rare type of ovarian cancer that defied surgeries, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. (Courtesy Brigitte Sagasser via AP)
ATLANTA — People with rare cancers have been out of luck — not only do most lack good treatments but drug companies also don't pursue them because of small potential sales. Now, a federal study that pools these folks gives them strength in numbers and new options.
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