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As patients face death, doctors push for straight talk on desired end-of-life care
Videos illustrate different options
W HealthBeat End of Lif Heal
Dr. Angelo Volandes films a patient at Straub Clinic and Hospital in Honolulu for videos he develops that educate families about end-of-life care options, such as CPR, in this photo taken Feb. 23, 2015. - photo by The Associated Press
WASHINGTON - Dr. Angelo Volandes remembers performing rib-cracking CPR on a frail elderly man dying of lung cancer, a vivid example of an end-of-life dilemma: Because his patient never said if he wanted aggressive care as his body shut down, the hospital had to try. He died days later. Years later, the Harvard Medical School researcher now tries to spur conversations about what care patients want during life's final chapter through videos that illustrate different options.
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