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An evening to remember - Statesboro High class of 1959 holds 50th reunion
SHS Reunion for Web
Four married couples from the Statesboro High Class of 1959 met in high school and attended Saturday’s reunion. Pictured, left to right are: F.M. and Rozlin Jones, Arthur and Carol Howard, Ralph and Bonnie Howard, and Gene and Natalie Neville. - photo by ROGER ALLEN/special
    It was an evening to remember and an evening of memories.
    On Saturday at the Forest Heights Country Club, 40 of the 62 surviving members of the Statesboro High School Class of 1959 held their 50-year reunion. Led by class president Jimmy Hodges, vice president Ralph Howard, and unofficial class historian Natalie Neville, those in attendance opened the gathering with a moment of silent reflection for the 17 classmates who have passed.
    Everyone thanked Gene and Natalie Neville for the gathering held at their house the previous evening, and commented on how good it was to see each other again after all these years. While members of the Class of 1959 were meeting every five years or so, Saturday was the first time many of their classmates, especially those living elsewhere, had managed to be attend a class reunion.
    Hodges, recently retired from a BB&T, started out by telling everyone that he and his wife were spending lots of time with their three grandchildren. At this time, the discussion went from table to table, so that everyone could fill their classmates in on what was happening in their lives. Lucky Foss stated that he was still lucky most of the time, which drew a hearty laugh from his friends.
    Cynthia Johnson Anderson told her friends that after graduating from Statesboro High she had spent another 27 years at the school as school counselor. She announced that she had recently come to the conclusion that she it was time to find something else to do. Arthur Howard announced that he too was now enjoying retirement.
    Ever the comedian, he then shared with everyone a joke he had heard about “seniors and hall sex' which needless to say brought down the house. Many in attendance spoke of their passion for animals and commented on how their pets (at least according to their vets) had even more medical problems than they did.
    Classmate Dick Russell shared how one of Gloria Allen's brothers had saved him from the taunts of older schoolmates by giving his some lessons in “50s cool.” After teaching him the 'John Wayne' style of walking, they got rid of his old-fashioned duds and set him up with Levi's jeans and some really nice shirts.
    At this point, Hodges reminded Russell of the favor done him when Hodges and Russell were stopped by a local sheriff and taken to the courthouse for some minor infraction. When the sheriff told the boys to call somebody to stand for their bail, Russell suggested that he might call the governor. The sheriff assumed Russell was being a smart aleck until Russell told him the governor was his uncle. Hearing this, the boys were soon free to go.
    As the evening wrapped up, class president Hodges reminded everyone that the graduation theme in 1959 was “Dreams.” He said that, personally, one of his biggest dreams back in 1959 was that he would be around to attend their fiftieth class reunion. That wish, he said, was now a reality.
    As it so happens, the new Statesboro High School is having its “Grand Opening” at 5 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 23. Principal Marty Waters extended his invitation to all school alumni to come and be a part of the special celebration. Waters said that there would be a guided tour of the new facility beginning around 6:30 p.m.
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