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8 kinds of birth control pills recalled
Some women at risk of becoming pregnant, because of packaging error
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Oral contraceptives recalled by Qualitest:
Cyclafem ™ 7/7/7
Gildess ®FE 1.5/30
Gildess® FE 1/20

    A mix-up in the sequence of some generic birth control pills has their maker issuing a recall. Users of eight different oral contraceptives made by Qualitest Pharmaceuticals are at risk of becoming pregnant, said a local pharmacist.
    “This is a nationwide recall,” said Len McCook, of McCook's Pharmacy. “We pulled every Qualitest generic (contraceptive) off the shelf.”
    Qualitest suggested pharmacists and doctors contact patients with prescriptions for these drugs, and McCook said phone calls are being made to his clients.
    The recall is due to a packaging error that “reverses the weekly sequence of pills within the package, which could result in exposure to an unintended dosing sequence resulting in failure to contraception,” the release states.
    In other words, women using these contraceptives risk becoming pregnant, McCook said.
    Women using these products should immediately begin using an alternate form of contraceptive and do so for at least the rest of the month, he said. Condoms and diaphragms are suggested.
    The generic contraceptives listed in the recall are popular choices of many patients who use prescribed oral birth control pills, and the recall “affects a good number of people,” he said. “I’ve never seen a recall like this. Qualitest is a reputable company.”
    He said it is likely that “every pharmacy in the United States” is affected by the recall.
    Qualitest spokesmen said “the source of the error is currently under investigation and the company is committed to rectifying the issue in a timely manner.”
    Patients with concerns should call 1-877-300-6153 for more information, and contact their physicians for advice, he said.

    Holli Deal Bragg may be reached at (912) 489-9414.

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