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Final city election preparations underway
Officials expect large turnout
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Tuesday is Election Day and it’s the last chance to cast a ballot in one of the three district races for the Statesboro City Council. In one of the most contentious races in city history, the outcome of each district may well depend on which candidate’s supporters come out to vote Tuesday.
        Judy McCorkle, the city’s election superintendent, said totals for early voting – 926 ballots cast –already have made this year’s turnout higher than normal for a city election. As a result, she said they just don’t know what’s going to happen Tuesday.
        “We have plenty of machines. A good rule of thumb is one machine for every 200 voters,” McCorkle said. “We’ll be setting up all day Monday and will be ready to go.”
        District 2 voters will vote at the William James Education Complex on
Williams Road
in the Northwest past of town. There will be 12 direct-recording electronic (DRE) machines for voter to cast electronic ballots. District 2 candidates are incumbent Gary Lewis and Georgia Southern University student Nathan Queen.
        District 3 and District 5 voters will vote at the
Bulloch County Parks and Recreation Senior Citizens Center on Max Lockwood Drive, across from the El Sombrero and Holiday
’s restaurants. At this location, there will be 18 DRE machines for electronic ballots. District 3 candidates are incumbent Will Britt and pharmaceutical representative Harry “Bubba” Propes. District 5 candidates are incumbent John Morris and insurance agent Travis Chance.
        Polls are open from
7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
on Tuesday.
        Both locations will have two voting stations set up for those individuals who may have to cast either challenged ballots or provisional ballots. Anyone casting a provisional ballot, whether in early voting or on Election Day, has until Thursday, Nov. 8 to bring in proper identification so their vote will be counted.
        The process for Election Day will actually be simpler than early voting, which is essentially absentee voting. All individuals have to do is show up at the proper polling place and bring proper identification in order to vote. Voter registration cards are not considered adequate identification to vote.
         Proper identification consists of one of the following: a valid
Georgia driver's license, any valid state or U.S. issued employee identification card with a photo of the elector, a valid U.S. passport, a valid voter identification card, a valid U.S.
military identification card or a valid tribal identification card.
        After the polls close at
7 p.m., returns for the election will be counted at the Bulloch County Courthouse. Depending upon a number of factors, including the final number of absentee ballots, McCorkle said she anticipates all ballots to be counted by 9 p.m.

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