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Early Voting Wrap-up
Ashley Holland, 19, gets her signature verified by Deputy Registrar Shontay Jones, left, while participating in early voting Friday.
Early voting finished up Friday with 926 voters coming out and casting ballots during the week. Out of a total of 7,912 registered voters, that amounts to 11.7 percent of eligible voters.
    Judy McCorkle, the city’s election supervisor, said the week went rather smoothly, and she expects a busy Election Day Tuesday.
    “Typically, we don’t have a big turnout in city elections – I’d say less than 12 percent,” McCorkle said. “[Considering we’re at 12 percent already] we just don’t know what’s going to happen on Tuesday.”
    Votes that were cast fell into three categories: Electronic ballots, challenged paper ballots and provisional ballots. The direct-recording electronic (DRE) ballots were cast on the touch screen machines Bulloch County uses for voting. Challenged ballots are those that cast by individuals who had their residency challenged by the Statesboro Citizens for Good Government group.
    Provisional ballots were cast by those individuals who either forgot their identification or who, for various reasons, did not appear on the registrar’s official electors list generated by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office. These individuals have until Nov. 8 to bring their identification to the county registrar’s office or, according to state voting guidelines, their vote will not be tallied with the rest.
    In District 2, where incumbent Gary Lewis is running against Georgia Southern University student Nathan Queen, there were 284 total votes cast out of 2,957 registered voters. Of the ballots, 175 were cast on the DRE machines, 104 cast challenged ballots and five individuals cast provisional ballots.
    In District 3, where incumbent Will Britt is running against pharmaceutical representative Harry “Bubba” Propes, there were 279 total votes cast out of 2,273 registered voters. 223 people cast votes on the DRE machines, 53 cast challenged ballots and three individuals cast provisional ballots.
    In District 5, where incumbent John Morris is running against insurance agent Travis Chance, there were 363 total votes cast out of 2,682 registered voters. 299 people cast votes on the DRE machines, 59 cast challenged ballots and five individuals cast provisional ballots.
    Morris said, "It was more than I thought there would be in the early voting, but I'm pleased. I'm very confident that my supporters will show up on Tuesday. It'll be a tight race."
    Chance said, "Personally, this speaks volumes for the city of Statesboro. I couldn't be happier with the turnout. It's outstanding."
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