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Britt likely winner in District 3
Incumbent leads Harry Propes by 70 votes with 78 challenged ballots uncounted
Harry Propes mugWeb
Harry "Bubba" Propes

    Though the District 3 race is still undecided, in reality, it is nearly over.

            When the final tally of voters came in Tuesday night, incumbent Will Britt had received 270 votes while Harry "Bubba" Propes gave him a good run for his money, but only came up with 200 votes.

            However, with 78 challenged and provisional ballots still on the table, the race is not quite over. In order to determine a winner, the margin of victory needed to be larger than the total challenged votes. Since the margin is 70 and there are 78 challenges, a winner cannot be declared.

            Britt said he had a bittersweet feeling when he heard the results.

            "I think it's very bittersweet because here you have a election where you had a tremendous amount of students that got national attention. We have an election for all practicality is over – but it's not over," said Britt. "Now, at least six students have to sit down and defend their residency in Statesboro."

            Propes said that even though his chances of winning are pretty slim, he said he is not yet ready to throw in the towel.

            "I'm not going to concede just yet," said Propes. "I guess we'll have to wait and see how the challenges turn out."

            At the polls earlier Tuesday, voters supporting both candidates explained why they came out to vote.

            Andrew Greison, a student at Georgia Southern, said he came out to vote for Britt.

            "A senior came around Oliff Hall and got everybody into the voting process and got everybody signed up," Greison said. "They said that Britt is trying to keep the bars and clubs open and I wanted them to stay open, so I voted for him."

            Yusuf Pressberry said this is the first time he's voted in the city election, though he's been here four years. Though he'll be graduating in May, he wanted to make sure his voice was heard today.

            "I wanted to change up some of the things going on in the city," said Pressberry.

            Bulloch County Deputy Registrar Shontay Jones said the the board of registrars will meet today to determine the course of action for the challenged voters. She also said they will likely focus on the challenged electors whose votes might still affect the outcome of the city elections.

            "We'll meet with the board [of registrars today] and get a fresh start in the morning to determine what happens next," said Jones.

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