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2006 Tour of Lights: Out and about Bulloch County
Road to Christmas (de)lights
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    Note: This is the second in a series of three stories offering guidelines regarding notable holiday displays in the area. Check out the Statesboro Herald Sunday for more directions to homes decorated for Christmas.

    What better way to while away the time waiting for Santa than to enjoy a drive through the countryside, looking at Christmas lights?
    Start by taking a drive out Cypress Lake Road to Cypress Lake and see the home beside the spillway. There is a moving Rudolph, spiral trees and a crystalline tree. The yard is a study in motion lights and color. Lighted “Season’s Greetings” and “Merry Christmas” and angel sculpture grace the area, too.
    Just a bit down the way is a dirt road — Stephens-Little Road, where Curtis Gay’s home features Santa in a life-size sleigh, with reindeer. Icicle lights grace his country home, and he has a couple neighbors whose homes make this short drive down a dirt road worthwhile.
    Come on back towards Statesboro, but the tour isn’t over.
    Irongate Subdivision is a must for those seeking delightful lights displays. Several elegant homes stand regally under spotlights with white candelabras, red bows and greenery, such as one white house resplendent in traditional holiday dress.
    Another home has a green spiral tree shining through an upstairs window and a multicolored tree downstairs. Flower beds are outlined in large colored lights at another home, with a peek at a tree through the window as well.
    At one home, a tree sits at the curbside, complete with lighted presents.
    A trip through Hazlewood Subdivision is another must-see with an assortment of beautiful homes all decked out for Christmas. At the Cypress Lake Road entrance, a house is encrusted with crystalline lights with white icicle lights hanging from the eaves as an inflatable teddy bear smiles next to a snowman, reindeer and twinkling trees.
    Drive down Highpoint Road and check out the scenery there as well, then take a left turn onto Country Club Road.
    One house just past the club house  decorates every year - large colored lights lining the roof, accenting icicle lights dripping from  the eaves. Candelabras shine in each window and they have lighted trees and wreaths on lamp posts at the entrance.
    Turning down Golf Club Road is a god idea, because it is a must-see drive. One house has a cluster of green trees, unusual in color, with spotlights on wreaths on the house. A home down the road has large colored lights on hedges and a herd of lighted reindeer, which are common but still beautiful. Another house has spotlights on each window and white lights sparkling in wreaths. Yet another house sports solid color net lights on shrubs and twinkling icicle lights.
    Take Country Club Road over to Saddle Creek where a drive through the  subdivision will result in some delightful scenes as well, including a home with lighted sculptures and a crystalline tree.
    Then take nearby Hood Road to Parrish Road and stop for a trip through Country Walk Subdivision.
    One house is outlined in white running lights and has a huge lighted cross on its roof. White icicles and greenery top this look off in a tasteful way.
    Another home has a forest of grazing deer and spiral trees.
    Entering Country Walk subdivision, be prepared to stay a while. Several homes in this  neighborhood are a sight to behold.
    A few homes around town have displayed a variation of the lighted motion deer — polar bear figurines moving in white lights.  One Country Walk home sports one of these, next to a tree that changes colors. Red-lighted candy canes dance along the walk, reflecting the glow of icicle lights while a multicolored tree shines through a window.
    At another house, Santa waves as a white-lighted  tree shows through an upstairs window, and wreaths are decorated with festive red bows.
    Not far from there, Santa is stuck in an igloo! His boots kick as he appears to struggle. Tree limbs at this home are lined in sparkling lights and Frosty the Snowman greets visitors.
    Other homes shine with Christmas cheer as such figures as life size Santa and Mrs. Santa stand beside reindeer, and Snoopy rests on top of his dog house, waiting for Santa to arrive.
    Parrish Road will take you over to Pulaski Road, where you find Westover Subdivision. Driving around will reveal a number of houses all decked out for Christmas, but the home of Jeff and Carolyn Henley shines like the Christmas star. As a matter of fact, there is a nativity scene complete with a Star of Bethlehem. Santa and a snowman dance inside a snow globe, and a tree of white lights glows with the peacefulness of the season. Icicle lights drip from the eaves and spotlights draw attention to neat wreaths with festive red bows. The reindeer in the yard move and a lighted sign wishes everyone Merry Christmas.
    Other homes are delightful to see, such as one with colorfully lighted hedges and a nativity scene; a house with white icicle lights outlined in colored ones, casting a glow over lighted spiral trees and a train that seems to be moving next to a snowman sculpture.
    Take Pulaski Road back to Veteran’s Memorial Highway, turn left, then turn left again onto Westside Road. You’ll pass a home at the intersection of Westside and Highpoint where the family decorates annually,a and with flair.
    Ever seen an eight-foot tall birthday cake?  A lighted sign proclaims Jesus Lives, and a swarm of elves, villagers and other wooden cutouts smile and appear to welcome visitors, surrounded by motion lights. A large lighted cross reminds those who stop of the reason for the season.
    Driving along Westside Road is also well worth the trip. A couple homes are nicely decorated, but the house just past Edward Hitts’ Wrecking Yard is a new delight. The larger-than-life nativity is beautifully painted on wooden cutouts. A family of snowmen appear to sing carols next to a cluster of angels heralding Christ’s birth.
    Blue icicle and swag lights cast a peaceful glow beside colored lights, and a large cross glitters with strands of colored lights. Another chorus of angels sing next to a couple Nutcrackers standing next to Santa in his sleigh. This display covers every aspect of Christmas.
    When you get to the intersection of Willow Hill Road and Westside Road, take a right, then turn right again at Banks Dairy Road. Freddie and Elise Deal have done it again, with Christmas spirit everywhere as Santa rides a see-saw with a snowman, reindeer fly and every type of Christmas lights and figurines find a spot. This home is a must-see as well.
    Don’t stop here. If you see a road that seems inviting, take it. You never know when you will round a corner and find a delightful display just waiting to be seen.
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