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Thinking of God with Larry Sheehy: Some things the church needs and must have
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Larry Sheehy

Although some are unlikely to admit it, people can get along without many of the things so much a part of modern existence: big cars, nice homes, beautiful clothes. These are nice, but not essential. 

But some things are essential: air, water, food, shelter, etc. Likewise, in the church of God, some things are indispensable, while others are not. Fine buildings and big-name preachers may be nice, but they’re not essential to the growth and encouragement of the church. There are some things, however, that the local church needs, indeed, must have, if it is to accomplish what God intends. These include, among others:

Men and women dedicated to God and his word. Jesus said God’s kingdom must have first place in life. When we realize the true value of the soul, and the certainty of final judgment, it will help us be more dedicated. For the church to be what God intends, we must value God’s word, the Bible. Leaders who will lead and followers who will follow. One of the greatest needs the local church has is leaders who will give themselves, without reservation, to the oversight of the group, who will look after its welfare, even above their own. People who will love one another as brothers and sisters. The family is the basic working unit of society, established by God “in the beginning.” Men now, as then, need the companionship of the family — the love and understanding of those with whom they live. Bible students will remember the Creator’s declaration: “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” This wisdom is needed today, just as much as it was then! Likewise in the local church, we need, and must have, the warm love and understanding of a close-knit family unit, if the church as a whole, and members individually, are to mature and grow. The apostle Paul wrote about the church as family in both Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12.

There must be a determination to avoid gossiping about one another, and a refusal to hear such. Many have been destroyed by “innocent,” back-fence slander in the guise of curiosity or “helpfulness!” Instead we should be concerned about “helping the helpless, cheering the fallen.” Then the church family can function as God intends.

These are just some things which the church needs and must have. Those who are truly interested in being God’s people will do all they can to see that they are present and continue.

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