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Tech-savvy students
Bulloch Co. hosts Regional Student Technology Fair
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Bible Baptist eighth-grader Qunicy Hall, center, explains his multimedia project to judges Paul Hudson, left, and Yasar Bodur. Hall's entry was a multimedia Powerpoint presentation titled "Ten Ways to Become a Better Deer Hunter."

2014 Regional Student Technology Fair winners

3-D Modeling
Third/fourth grade — Colin Cai, 1st; Sam McNure, 2nd; Jozie Motes, 3rd
Fifth/sixth grade — Taylor Nelson, 1st; Chandler Deal, 2nd; Micah D’Arcangelo, 3rd
Seventh/eighth grade — Shawn Cepec, 1st
Ninth/10th grade — Ria Mitra, 1st; Alex Wagner, 2nd

Animated Graphic Design
Third/fourth grade — Haven Sawyer, 1st grade; Emma Yates, 2nd; Adison Marsh, 3rd
Fifth/sixth grade — Kevin Davoud, 1st; Alton Amaral, 2nd; Reid Thompson, 3rd
Seventh/eighth grade — Katie Kollars, 1st

Case Modification
Third/fourth grade — Cecilia Smith, 1st
Fifth/sixth grade — Lilly Lovell and Trinity Adams, 1st
Ninth/10th grade — Layne Rackleff, 1st; Ashlyn Lanier, 2nd

Digital Photography
Third/fourth grade — Sean Robertson, 1st; Kamryn Blythe and Jade Artz, 2nd; Hunter Thompson, 3rd
Fifth/sixth grade — Kaleigh Mattos, 1st; Brannen Thompson, 2nd; Madi Patrick, 3rd
Seventh/eighth grade — Lizzie Mallard and Makayla Cone, 1st; Braden Mock, 2nd
11th/12th grade — Haley Mock, 1st

Digital Video Production
Third/fourth grade — Scott Caplinger, 1st; Will Shaver and Jordan Foss, 2nd
Fifth/sixth grade — Sloan Aubrey, 1st; Abby and Madi Welch, 2nd; Jackson Hodgin and Joey Taylor, 3rd
Ninth/10th grade — Evan Amaral, 1st

Game Design
Third/fourth grade — Aaron Zhau, 1st; Nina Wallace, 2nd; Jaden Williams, 3rd
Fifth/sixth grade — Gabriele Rowe, 1st

Ninth/10th grade — Elijah Jewell, 1st

Mobile Apps
Fifth/sixth grade — Zane Hawkins, 1st

Multimedia Applications
Third grade — Evy Shen, 1st; Megan Redwine, 2nd; Jordan Aycock, 3rd
Fourth/fifth grade — Anna Grimm, 1st; Riley Vasilatos, 2nd; Rupabali Samanta, 3rd
Seventh/eighth grade — Jalen Hwang, 1st; Quincy Hall, 2nd
Ninth/10th grade — Neha Aggarwal, 1st

Non-Animated Graphic Design
Third/fourth grade — Sierra Clifton, 1st; Delaney Davis, 2nd; Katie Bonnett, 3rd
Fifth/sixth grade — Maggie Freel and Abigail Lorden, 1st; Alton Amaral, 2nd; Lena Dixon, 3rd
Ninth/10th grade — Li Anyuan, 1st; Olivia Grant, 2nd

Non-Multimedia Applications
Third/fourth grade — Abigail Scarborough, 1st; Kelsi Williams, 2nd; Karly Lord, 3rd
Fifth/sixth grade — Brianna Aldrich, 1st; Ansley Knight, 2nd; Karly Lord, 3rd .

Project Programming
Seventh/eighth grade — Davis Vasilatos, 1st

Fifth/sixth grade — Matthew Perry, 1st; Cameron Hullaby, 2nd
Seventh/eighth grade — Austin Seeley, 1st; Davis Vasilatos, 2nd

Technology Literacy Challenge
Third/fourth grade — Aidan Cooper, 1st; Cecilia Smith, 2nd; Adison Marsh, 3rd
Fifth/sixth grade — Zane Hawkins, 1st; Kevin Davous, 2nd; Kaleigh Mattos, 3rd
Seventh/eighth grade — Davis Vasilatos, 1st; Austin Seeley, 2nd
Ninth/10th grade — Elijah Jewell, 1st; William Collins, 2nd

Web 2.0 Internet Applications
Third/fourth grade — Katie Brantley, 1st; Caleb Coleman, 2nd
Fifth/sixth grade — Chase Page, 1st; Brianna Sipp and Macaiah Riggs, 2nd; Katelyn Hudson and Ashleigh Baxley, 3rd
Seventh/eighth grade — Matthew Redwin, 1st; Hailey Herring, 2nd; Layla Martin and Maya Gapac, 3rd
Ninth/10th grade — Kahinju Young, 1st

    Bulloch County Schools hosted its fourth annual Regional Student Technology Fair on Jan. 25 at Julia P. Bryant Elementary School. 
    This year’s event was again made possible by the local accounting firm Dabbs, Hickman, Hill & Cannon LLC, whose generous sponsorship allowed more than 120 students to compete for free.
    The event was open to third- through 12th-grade students from public, private and home schools in a six-county area. Students, competing either individually or in two-person teams, submitted projects in 15 eligible categories. This year, two new categories were added: Games and Mobile Apps.
    The tech fair was organized by a team of Bulloch County Schools educators and administrators led by Teresa Phillips and April Beasley. 
    “I would sincerely like to thank our volunteers for giving of their time on a Saturday to judge student projects,” said Beasley, the district’s data analysis coordinator. “Without them, this event would not be possible.”
    Each of the competition’s 45 first-place winners will advance to the 14th Annual Georgia Educational Technology Fair at Macon State College on March 8. They will join more than 500 first-place winners from the state’s 18 other regional technology fairs. Over the past three years, 33 of Bulloch County’s tech fair winners have gone on to place in the top three of their categories at the state tech fair.
    At this year’s Bulloch County Technology Fair, more than 130 community volunteers — many from Georgia Southern University, Ogeechee Technical College, Bulloch County Schools and area businesses — lent their expertise to judging and facilitating the event.   Ryan’s of Statesboro provided a complimentary lunch for the judges and volunteers, who worked for five hours checking in participants, guiding students to their competition rooms, reviewing entries and interviewing students leading up to the awards ceremony at 1 p.m. Starbucks of Statesboro also provided coffee for judges and volunteers.
    More than 300 family members and supporters filled the Julia P. Bryant school cafeteria to honor student participants and winners.
    To find out more about the fair, visit

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