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Suit up ladies: 'Football talk' comes to life for clinic attendees
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Georgia Southern head football coach Chad Lunsford gives out enthusiastic high fives to kick off a film session in the team's meeting room during the women's football clinic last Saturday. Attendees got crash a crash course in football positions and strategy from defensive coordinator Scot Sloan and offensive coordinator Bob DeBesse.

So…is the Georgia Southern offense running a 20- or a30-series play in their vaunted triple-option offense? How does a football team establish “identity?”

What’s a boundary corner? Or a free safety? How does a 4-3 defensive front differ from a 3-4 defensive front, and how do the Eagles do things differently? How does weight room conditioning translate to the playing field? How do football players deal with typical bumps and bruises, and how do they monitor potential concussions and prevent them?

How do the Eagles get ready to take the field on game day?

All these questions and many more were answered for participants of the women’s football clinic at Paulson Stadium on August 4.

Football players are almost always male, but at least half of the fans are female. The Georgia Southern coaching staff and players made sure that the supposed “fairer” sex was up to date on the latest football terminology and technology.

Participants got to don authentic players’ jerseys, and even eye-black and cleats if they wanted. Head coach Chad Lunsford kicked off the event by running through the crowd, giving high-fives and whipping up enthusiasm for a film and instruction session about football basics in the team’s main meeting room.

Coaches’ wives participated alongside paying customers, giving an insider’s point-of-view. Georgia Southern defensive line coach Victor Cabral sat beside wife Erin, occasionally shooting knowing glances at one another during the strategy session. Cabral admitted that football talk more than “occasionally” infiltrates family life for coaches and their families.

Participants learned about offensive and defensive formations, strategy and play calling from defensive coordinator Scot Sloan and offensive coordinator Bob DeBesse.They also visited the facilities at the Ted Smith Family Football Center, getting lessons in weight training and athletic rehabilitation and maintenance from strength and conditioning coach Matt Greenhalgh and head trainer Brandy Clouse.

They also participated in pregame locker room rituals and took to the field to run in real life football drills.They concluded with a “fashion” show to demonstrate and model Georgia Southern uniforms and equipment.

Football is all about preparation. The Georgia Southern Women’s Football Clinic helps ensure that fans are prepared.

Are you?

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Sherry Rahn makes the grab after tip-toeing through the ropes in the weight room.
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Jenna Ellis celebrates with Georgia Southern player Monteo Garrett after completing an agility drill on the field.
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