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"You know, it sure would be nice to be able to see the dirt roads or the ditches of the dirt roads on … George Moore and Black Chester. You're drivin' through here and … the bushes are all hangin' over and who knows when someone's gon' flip into this ditch because they can't tell where the ditch actually is. Maybe the county … county'll come cut it."
    "Hey, folks. I noticed in the Police Blotter the other day someone was charged with aggressive driving. That's the first time I'd ever seen that, but maybe that's what the ticket should be when people come up to a corner and the light's red and they speed through the parking area of a business or a gas station to avoid having to wait 60 seconds at a red light. Is that aggressive or impatience?"
    "I don't care if you're Democrat, Republic, black or white. We all just need to get along because we live in the greatest country in the world … right here in the grand USA."
    "What are the Republicans going to do now? They didn't mind the corruption of the Duke Cunninghams, the Tom Delays and the Bill Frists or the … the fleecing of the American taxpayer through waste and corruption in Iraq. But … because they always contended they had the moral high ground over President Clinton. Well, at least President Clinton had the good sense to fool around with a female intern and not a male one."
    "Someone needs to do somethin' about the price of gas in Statesboro. we make a trip once a month to north Georgia and any town you go through the price of gas is 20 to 30 cent a gallon less than in Statesboro. This has been goin' on all year."
    "We would like to express appreciation to those who are in charge of keeping the city parks pretty."
    "Why don't we have a qualified staff at the animal shelter that can keep it sanitary enough so that they don't have to do so many depopulations? In a city our size, we should be ashamed."
    "On the issue of gas prices in Statesboro, Valdosta has $2.02 per gallon. Tallahassee, Florida, has $2.20 per gallon. Keep in mind that in Tallahassee there is an additional gas tax for the city and it has consistently been 10 to 15 cents per gallon higher than Statesboro for the past several years. What's the deal? This is ridiculous. Maybe our local politicians need to put this on their agenda."
    "I thought all mobile homes had to have skirting. If so, why is it that there are so many in the Barn Mobile Home Estates that don't have it? The combination of unskirted trailers and uncut yards just makes it look trashy. Clean it up!"
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