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Soundoff October 8
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    Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald.
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    "I am so tired of all these political ads on TV. Let me tell you somethin'. All politicians are just like diapers. They need changed regularly and for the same reason."
    "I just wanna let … let know to the developer or either the city — whoever decided on it I don't know — but just let them know how much of an idiot they were when they designed the exit and entrance to all these new little things over here by the KF … the new KFC. I've about busted three people tryin' to cross all the … because they try to cross all this traffic. I hope they realize how stupid they are. We already got a light up here at Beasley Road which we didn't need. They probably gon' put a light there as close to another light. So who knows what's gon' happen?"
    "This is to the man that picked up my white rocker that fell off my truck Pine Inn and 301 on Thursday. Hope you enjoy my craft work. I was turnin' around to get it, but you chose to pick it up."
    "I wanna explain this one more time. North Augusta has a pipeline, so fuel is cheaper there. You have to transport it to Augusta, so the price goes up. You have to transport it farther to Waynesboro, so their price goes up even more. You have to transport it to Millen, a little farther, so, price goes up. Get to Statesboro, the price goes up! The closer you get to Savannah where they have the fewer depots, the price starts goin' back down."
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