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"I'm calling concerned of why Georgia Power let you pay half of their light bill and Excelsior do not. Just like why is Statesboro gas is higher than Millen and Augusta and North Augusta? Can you please answer that for me?"
    "I've found my calling and … got 24 hours a day to devote to it. Go … get with the child support recovery group on the courthouse square and go after my ex son-in-law that owes over $7,000 in support payments to my daughter and grandchildren."
    "I never thought I'd agree with Robert Steinbeck about anything, but his column in yesterday's paper hit the nail square on the head. Bush is the worse thing that's ever happened to this country, including Pearl Harbor and 9/11. What in the world are we gonna do about all the mess that he's made? Great time of day!"
    "This message is for everyone in Statesboro and Bulloch County who seems to have a never-ending question regarding gas prices. We are high in Statesboro compared to surrounding areas because of one thing and that is greed. Capital G-R-E-E-D. Greed on the part of the local oil distributors in the area. One day, everyone will figure that out. The word again is greed."
    "People in Statesboro need to shut up about ga sprices. hey, y'all, the gas is goin' down. It could've stayed $3. Be lucky that the gas now's $2.17."
    "When Bill Clinton had sex with an intern, Republicans screamed for impeachment. But when Mark Foley solicited sex from an intern, Republicans covered it up. Why don't a few of you right-wingers call in and give the rest of us a good laugh by reminding us again how great it is to be Republican."
    "Keep Bulloch Beautiful, how 'bout do somethin' about these nasty businesses in our beautiful county and leave the poor guys alone?"
    "I'm still concerned about why do Georgia Power let you pay half of the payment if you don't have all the money and Excelsior do not? And you all can print about the gas prices that's in Augusta's cheap and … that's in Tallahassee are cheap. So, what's the different? Give me an answer."
    "If the world does not come to an end first, not only will I vote for, I will campaign for the first candidate who tells us of his opponent's good deeds."
    "In 'The House That Erk Built,' we had traditions: yellow buses, sprinklin' the Eagle Creek water before the games, Lupton Building, triple options, now they're all gone. No wonder everything is falling apart. Leave tradition alone."
    "…Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay, Ralph Reed and Mark Foley, all Republicans, and President Bush claimed to bring morals and values back to the White House. So much for havin' a market corner on values. Power corrupts. Money and power … absolutely corrupts."
    "This is for the person that's talkin' about someone running through or cutting through the red light to go through a gas station. Evidently they've never tried to go through 301 and Main Street red light. That light is ridiculous."
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