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Service to Community
Seniors at Statesboro High are required to take on a community service project during their final ye
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Laura Gonzalez

Statesboro High Senior Projects

Alex Bonham
    Causes obesity in children/proposal about programs to help obese children

Alexander Rich
    Benefits of a higher education

Alexis Whitaker
 Causes, symptoms, and treatments of infertility/constructed dietary plan for women who were infertile

Andrew Magalei
    Use of nuclear weapons and the foreign policies of nations that possess them/survey

Antoinette Davis
    Raising Yorkshire Terriers/ trained Yorkshire puppies.

Ashley Raines
    Divorce effects on children of different ages

Blake Houston
    Student-athlete compensation/survey about how much student-athletes want to be compensated

Bradley O'Brien
    Teen use of anabolic steroids

Branden A. Williams
    Annie E. Casey Foundation — charitable organization that helped the homeless

Branden Schumacher
    Animal cruelty/donations for the Bulloch County animal shelter

Branden Whittaker
Prison life and its alternatives/survey on subject

Brandon Barnaby
Sports doping/talked to Coach Hill about use of drugs by athletes

Brandon Hester
    Effects of divorce on children/presentation

Brandon Ivey
    Technology in education/meeting with Bulloch County Board of Education

Breanne  Ross
     The Right To Die controversy/fundraiser

Bria Dorsey
    Vegetarianism/vegetarian diet for 30 days

Brikeye J. Hendley
    Enhancement drugs/speech on subject

Caleb Brown
    Water shortage in Africa/raised money for

Carly Beaudoin
    Benefits of exercising either with friends or alone/gym membership, hands-on experience

Caroline Coffey
    Incarcerated parents and their children/worked with the Angel Tree Foundation

Chandler Taylor
    Importance of children involvement in sports at an early age/worked at the Stilson Recreational Department

Charles Trim
    Military recruiting/attended Navy Recruits' DEP meetings

Cynthia Alston
    Unreported rape victims/student survey

Dakota Horton
    Views on gun control in today's society/took marksmanship class

Darian Finney
    Fatherless Homes/spent time with children whose homes had no fathers

Darrell Harris
    Becoming an anesthesiologist

Denzel Rountree
    Animal cruelty/went to the Humane Society and took care of two dogs

Don Ross
    Military deployment and families/spoke to the SHS ROTC classes about the results

Donte' R. LeVant
    Treatment of inmates/created fund to help inmate and family

Emily Sims
    Living With a Disabled Child/observation, comparison

Fanchon Robinson
    Teen dating violence/interview/PowerPoint video

Haley Powell
    How autism affects education/bake sale/created seven ‘sensory baskets’ for autistic children

Ichaun Jenkins
    Drunk driving/slide show to teach the consequences of drinking and driving/survey

Jahlil Haggray
    Hunting safety and procedures/online hunter’s safety course

James Hall
    Air pollution/trip to Statesboro-Bulloch Recycling Facility

James Whirley
    Video game violence and the teenage mind/recorded behavioral changes observed

Ja'ric Donaldson
    High school dropouts

Jarron Fadden
    How to build a computer/built a computer from parts

Jasmyn Smith
    Music and the developing brain/paper about how positive music helps coordination and timing, and how negative music disturbs energy levels, blood pressure, and even causes learning disabilities/learned to play guitar

Jataya Harvey
    Forensics techniques/set up a crime scene, used the same techniques, and had people to come and view the scene

Jazmire King
    High blood pressure and African-Americans/addressed SHS healthcare classes

Jeremy Lipsey
    Potential dangers of “Sexting”/discussion with teens

Jerry Smith
    Self-esteem/survey, gathered data/analysis

Jonathan Mitchell
    Restoring an engine/helped father restore an engine, videotaping project

Jonathan Morgan
    Business of accounting

Jordan Howard
    Role of dance in staying fit/observed, participated in dance classes

Jorge San Juan
    Use of technology in sports, and whether more or less technology (such as instant replay) should be used

Josh Bunting
    Teen depression/wrote and recorded a song: “Matter of Time,” which is at

Joshua Jackson
    Health care/research/survey of those who do not have health care in community

Joshua Ward
    The Gulf animal endangerment/interviewed staff at Georgia Southern’s Raptor Center

Julian l. Brannen
    Laser communications/talked to people at cable company/built and demonstrated laser communication system

Justin Simmonds
    Comic creation/drew illustrations

Kaitlynn Drake
    Interracial adoption/interviewed a mother and son to see how they handled situations

Kelli Michelle Howard
    Preventing child abduction/presentation

Kelsey Garner
    Equestrian therapy and adolescents

Kemuel J. Moore
    Gun control laws/survey

Kenya Green
    How music affects peoples lives/attended a Veteran's Day program, sang songs with "Voices of Destiny"/response analysis

Kevin Linnear
    Identity theft/created an identity theft protection survey

Kristian Oren
    Video games and children/presentation

Lagretta Thomas
    Teenage suicide

Lanitra Lester
    Animal caring/volunteered at the Bulloch Animal Shelter

Laporsha Houston
    Reduce, Recycle, Reuse/collected over 200 plastic bottles and took them to a local recycling center

Latifah Stimage
    Overprotective parents/ discussion between a group of parents and their children

Laura J. Gonzalez
    Stay-at-home moms/met with group of moms on three different occasions/participated in different activities

Laura Minick
    Marketing strategies and consumer buying/created window displays at a local business

Me'yon Wilson
    How chemotherapy affects a female's self-esteem/bake sale, raising money to donate to cancer organization

NaPreisha Lindsey
    Child discipline: Ages three to five/asked master of the American Taekwondo Association school to talk to Pre-K staff about child discipline and self-control

Natoyia Long
    Are girls better drivers than boys?/visited Conner's Place, a driving school where teens can get their driving permits

Nicholas Reed
    Expressionism In art/assembled an “Art Gallery” and viewed the interaction of its visitors with the art

Niecy Mosley
    Cell phone usage while driving

Oscar Ortega
    Dog fights/volunteered at the animal shelter

Patrick Grumbar
    Skateboarding fitness/worked with young children on how to skateboard safely

Precious Rich
    Childhood obesity and self-esteem/helped overweight child to lose weight, logging all exercise and recording objectives met

Randon Byrd
    Endangerment of Bald Eagles/survey about how to best protect the eagles

Raven Thomas
    Juvenile criminals/examined alternative sentences for minor offenders/communicated with one such young man and his mother

Renesha Williams
    Domestic violence and battered women/children’s book drive for Safe Haven

Roneshia Williams
    Effects of foster care on children/worked with Mt. Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church to sponsor a foster family for Christmas

RonQuasha Cone
    Child abuse/discussion with Statesboro High School counselors

Savannah Bailey
    Teens and cosmetic surgery/created three poster displays in the media center

Shanekia Boyd
    Cosmetology/studied current hair fashions

Shannon Sorrell
    Designing and sewing an outfit/designed and sewed a white dress that had numerous different colored belts

Shanquil McDonald
    Nursing home abuse

Shontea Frink
    Breast cancer and importance of screening/examined the importance of screening and the different ways of detecting breast cancer/made football game a "pink out" occasion

Shoshana Spaulding
    Single parents and their children/examined challenges/fundraiser for the Big Brother/Big Sister Program.

Sidney Moore
    Gender and racial stereotyping/survey

Sierra Rivers
    Effects of being a teen mom/joined the "Teen Mom Mentoring Program"

Sonsearay Miller
    Violence in video games and children

Staci Dyches
    Importance of elderly care/volunteered eight hours at Brown's Health Care

Stephonna Sherrod
    Effects of spousal abuse/arranged for guest speaker

Taylor Crabtree
    Learning disabilities/created tri-board

Taylor Robertson
    Juveniles living with diabetes/volunteered at the “Step Out” event/raised money for the American Diabetes Association

Teneria Brionna and Sharda Stoney
    Blood transfusions: what the doctors don’t tell you/ presented video “No Blood Meets The Challenge”to class with follow-up worksheets

Teresa Joiner
    Adoption/created pamphlets for Statesboro High School’s nurse’s office and the County Health Department

Trey Robinson
    Metal vs. wooden bats/local athletes used both types of bats and recorded the velocity of the balls/forwarded data to several baseball bat manufacturers

Treyed Dunbar
    Life and work of a firefighter

Tyler Chase
    Video games and their players/surveys

Tyler Smith
    Schizophrenia/wrote a song called "Schizoid," did a cover of the Megadeth song "Sweating Bullets,” and posted them on YouTube

Tyler Thibodeau
    Food safety and sanitation/shadowed several inspectors

Tyrae' Jones
    Teens and driving/arranged for guest speaker

Viola Denise Holt
    Animal abuse: Neglect and abandonment/volunteered at the Statesboro Animal Shelter/adopted a puppy.

Wendell Deloach
    Extracurricular activities with kids/volunteered at middle school

William Sabb
    Greek mythology/created video of Greek Mythology for Langston Chapel Middle School

Xavier Pretlow
    Child abuse and neglect/created a "glog" that I posted on the website

Laura Gonzalez: Stay-at-Home Moms and Involvement

Statesboro High School senior Laura Gonzalez knew right away what to do her senior project on: “Stay-at-Home Moms and How to Get Them Involved in the Community.”

She gathered up the female members of the Gonzalez clan and arranged for them to start meeting together again. The first time they gathered they met to listen to a woman who sold Jafra Cosmetics International products. After the presentation, a number of the women actually bought some of the items.

On their second meeting back together, they met again with the Jafra representative with several deciding to start selling the products themselves. After this meeting Gonzalez made a presentation on the “Moms Club.”

An international organization, “The Moms Club” (an acronym for “Moms Offering Moms Support”), Gonzalez had seen some of their members marching in the last Ogeechee Kiwanis Fair Parade.

It turned out this group, which has branches all around the United States, has a group right here in Statesboro. The women met a third time for a movie night and watched “10,000 B.C.”

Gonzalez’s mom Hilda and her aunts are still meeting regularly, as a means of supporting each other and in order to have some time together away from their husbands.


Jasmyn Smith: Music and the Developing Brain

Statesboro High School senior Jasmyn Smith loves music. Therefore, it was not surprising when she chose as her senior project topic “How Music Affects the Developing Brain.”

Smith has been singing since she entered Kindergarten and at church. She took the opportunity to learn to play the guitar, a Fender Stratocaster, and observe how doing so changed her day-to-day life.

The first thing she said she noticed was that she found it much easier to concentrate in her classes, and could stay focused a lot longer. The second part of her project was going to the “Kids World Learning Center.”

This Day Care, located on Savannah Avenue, is owned by her mother Michelle Smith. Here Jasmyn, who had worked here for over a year, played guitar for a group of three-year olds. She noticed that while she played the song “Come

Together” by the Beatles the children sat largely quiet and still.

Being that she spends a good deal of time at the center she recognized that this is something they were not otherwise likely to do. She is going back to see if they remember the song when she plays it for them again and see how they react to hearing it a second time.


Haley Powell: How Autism Affects Children

Haley Powell is a Statesboro High School senior who knew immediately what she wanted to do for her senior project: “How Autism Affects Children.”

The reason: her mother, Monica Powell, works with Autistic children at Mattie Lively Elementary School. Haley decided she would study the challenges her mother faced in her job.

She learned, first of all, that Autistic children are placed in different class structures. They are: “Inclusion,” in which they spend the whole day in regular classes; “Restricted,” which have only Autistic children in the class; and “Pull-Out,” in which Autistic children are placed in regular classes but receive individual instruction during the day.

Haley said that in her opinion, the “Inclusion” method seemed to work the best. Having worked at Mattie Lively as a “Teachers Apprentice,” she actually worked in every one of the first grade classrooms.

For these children, she actually put together what she called “Sensory Baskets,” which contained different items, each of which had strikingly different appearances. The items had “spiky” to “shiny” to “cobbled” textures, as well as from “dull” to “shiny” surfaces.

After her study was over, she held a three-day bake sale where she sold 150 “goody bags” and some 50 bracelets at Statesboro High School, and then donated the money.

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