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Santa Claus tells all
Why does he need a 'magic' key? Herald asks the tough questions in exclusive interview with St. Nick
Metter Elementary School first grader Talayah Martinuea, 6, left, counts Christmas ornaments hanging from the ceiling while waiting in line with classmates to see Santa at Statesboro Mall Thursday.
Like Tim Allen's character in “The Santa Clause” movies, the real Santa was once an ordinary man, who was chosen and transformed through a mysterious process. This current avatar of ancient St. Nick agreed to be interviewed during a visit Thursday to the Statesboro Mall where, from now through Dec. 24, he will listen as children tell him their Christmas wishes. He has appeared at the mall for 10 years now, and during that time, he has visited with tens of thousands of kids in Statesboro alone, according to one photographer who works with him closely.
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