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Ministry to international students a blessing
Becky Faulk, center, spends hours every week helping international students at Georgia Southern University. - photo by CHARLES CRAVEY/special

    She is the “Mother Goose” of the international students at Georgia Southern University, volunteering almost daily to help them with such tasks as shopping, learning to drive and learning to cook, as well as helping them meet and network with other students.
    Becky Faulk spends countless hours each week providing transportation to Walmart for those students who have no other means of transportation to buy groceries and other necessities. She also conducts a luncheon at the Wesley Foundation twice each week for the students, averaging  30-40 at each meal.
    Students at the foundation help prepare and serve the meals to foreign students who are in the U.S. on visas and do not have American driver’s licenses. The Wesley Foundation allows Becky to use its van for such excursions, providing a vital service for students.
    She also hosts a game night sometimes and a cooking night during which she teaches these students how to prepare their own meals.
    Faulk is no stranger to volunteering. She and her husband, Blair, spent 17 years in Nigeria as missionaries through the Southern Baptist Convention. In West Africa, she worked with the Fulami people, and spent time making and distributing cassette tapes to introduce people to the Christian faith.
    The couple returned home to the Savannah area in 2007, and Blair Faulk now works in home health care, while Becky is involved with the Wesley Foundation.
    Carl Blackburn, the foundation’s director, rode with Becky Faulk and some of her students a few years ago and was impressed with her involvement with the foreign students. Blackburn asked if she would come to the Wesley House and help with its International Ministry.
    It was a great union — Faulk and her love for the international students, and Blackburn with his love for Christ and the Wesley Foundation. Through their work together, the ministry is flourishing and continues to grow.
    Some time back, Faulk became the only parent for an international student. The student had fallen ill and had to be taken to Augusta, where she underwent surgery for her condition. Faulk stayed with her during the whole ordeal, then returned her to Georgia Southern for her recovery.
     “I really appreciate Miss Becky for all the things she does for us (foreign students),” said Linda Wang, of Beijing. “We are international so we don’t have cars. Miss Becky helps us a lot.”
    Kazu Naga Suzuki, of Nagoya, Japan, said Faulk is “very kind to me and helps to make a difference in our lives while here.”
    Zhoaxing, of Shanghai, is working on his Ph.D. in civil engineering at GSU. He and his wife were invited to stay with the Faulks for some time until they could find an apartment. He said Becky Faulk gave him driving lessons and taught him about Christ and salvation.
    “I owe a great debt of gratitude to her for teaching me the Bible and helping me to meet new friends,” Zhoaxing said.

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