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Nancy Welch
The best medicine available
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    As I have traveled this strange journey I have learned something very special about the best medications. Those are prayer and friendship.
    I am writing this on a Wednesday night and it has been a rough day. Those happen. But, on Wednesday night I can always count on feeling better because I am lifted by the many prayers of those who care for me. How lucky can one woman be?
    We all hear about the power of prayer as we grow up. We pray for candy, money a great date for prom — all those very important things. Our priorities are out of order, but God listens (and, I’m sure, smiles). But recently I have learned the true power of prayer. On my worst day , I often find myself suddenly lifted up and feeling better. I am a bit dense, so it took a while for me to realize just what was going on.
    The emails had come each time a column appeared here in the mountains or back in Statesboro. Each promised prayer. Now that’s a great medicine!
    As if the Eye of God wasn’t enough, here on earth I found myself surrounded with friends, both near and far.
    Norma and Jessica are among my guardian angels here on earth. They attend the little church up the street which is my spiritual home.
    Greta not only would come just sit and keep me company, she would also lend me her sweet dogs, Ollie Mae and Essie Frye. The two became my therapy dogs, keeping me company on those sick days. They seem to have a second sense about my illness. They know when to run around and make me laugh and when to lay on my feet and keep me warm.
    Greta has also been the source of much wonderful cherry Jello. What a gal!
    Through the months I have been reconnected with old friends and many new ones. I am humbled by their love and loyalty. It can’t  be fun to just sit with a sicko, but sit they do — and they email and call. I am so blessed.
    When our young friend Cale Bragg died, there was a song at the funeral. I believe it was entitled “On the Wings of an Angel.” I feel those wings on bad days.
    One of the better results of my cancer is a reawakening of my spirituality. I am what is called a “Cradle Catholic.” But I have become quite ecumenical. I am on prayer lists at churches of all denominations and couldn’t be more grateful.
    And so, my dear friends, I want to send my prayers to you. I pray for your health and the health of those dear to you. I praise God that He has allowed me so many wonderful friends who care enough to take a moment here and there to send a prayer on my behalf.
    No better medicine. I mean it. No better medicine. Thank you one and all and may God bless you.
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